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  • Motorized Blinds Are Magical Window Treatments

    Automated Blinds

    Most people have window blinds in their homes to block light and protect their privacy. They are sleek, durable and easy to clean- making them a popular choice for many modern homes. But what if I told you that your blinds could do much more than opening and closing? Motorized blinds perform the same functions […]

  • How to Find the Best Motorized Skylight Shades in Toronto

    Skylights are wonderful in their ability to brighten up a space with warm, natural light. And while those with skylights love the advantages of a vibrant (and free) light source, many still long for a practical shade solution when they need it. We can help take the guesswork out of finding a skylight shade solution […]

  • How Motorized Shades Fit in With Current Window Treatment Trends

    Windows are often the biggest focal point of a room, and when outfitted in the right window treatments, they can help pull together your most ambitious interior design goals. Staying current with window treatment trends is one of the ways we help customers keep their homes and offices looking sharp and cutting edge. Here are […]

  • Obtain a Comfortable Sunroom with Motorized Blinds

    Sunrooms are wonderful in their ability to allow panoramic views of outdoor landscapes while offering protection from adverse weather, but they also have a reputation for becoming uncomfortably hot. Due to the fragile nature of the large glass windows, providing an exterior shade solution can be tricky and potentially damaging. Our ingenuity and attention to […]

  • Achieving Outdoor Convenience with Motorized Blinds

    Research shows that spending time outdoors is good for us, however, the outdoors just doesn’t offer the same comfort and conveniences we’re accustomed to. Imagine how much more time you’d enjoy spending outdoors if you could take some of the comfort of home and bring it outside? Well, with motorized blinds you can. We’re not […]

  • 5 Interior Styles You Can Achieve With Motorized Blinds and Shades

    When trying to achieve a particular interior style, the way your window is dressed can either make or break the flow of your design. If you want to keep your theme cohesive and achieve an impressive custom look, then motorized shades and blinds are your best option. Here are some interior styles that can be […]

  • How Motorized Blinds and Shades Add Value To Your Home and Lifestyle

    Chances are you have windows in just about every room of your home or business, and they have tremendous influence on how your interior looks and feels. Treatments such as motorized blinds and shades are a great investment because they present a fabulous opportunity to improve the function and style of your home or office. […]