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How Your Business Can Benefit from Electric Blinds

Photo of electric blinds installed in an office, Image by Rose Sun MotorIf you haven’t considered motorized blinds for your organization, it’s time to start. The ease, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal of electric blinds make them ideal for many kinds of institutions.

Our products are often used for restaurants, retailers, hospitals, hotels, and other commercial buildings.

Here are just a few benefits that electric blinds can bring to your business:

Motorized blinds are great for media rooms

Presentations are a common occurrence in many businesses and schools, often with rooms designed exclusively for that purpose. Ideally, your presentation room will have large windows that allow natural light to fill the room, as well as the ability to dim the room for media presentations.

Natural light is preferred when showing off a product, using models, marker boards, or really any situation where a projector or screen isn’t being used. With motorized window treatments, you can efficiently switch between a brightly lit room, and a dim one in a style that matches your interior. We offer motorized  curtains and panels that glide nearly silently, or shades that retract horizontally, depending on what you need.

Motorized window treatments enhance the atmosphere of your office or lobby

One of the main objectives of a lobby is to create a great first impression with customers and clients, and since the walls and floors take up the most space in a room, windows hold a lot of influence over a rooms appearance. When creating a professional atmosphere in an office environment, you’ll be faced with the following dilemma: traditional blinds look cheap and uninspiring, and cloth drapes look out of place in many office setting.

Thankfully, we have many options that give a modern and high-end look, such as roller shades, honeycomb shades, or roman shades. Combine them with motorization, and you can treat your business to a highly functional and attractive window coverings for both employees and clients to enjoy.

High or hard-to-reach windows are easily accessible with motorized blinds

If your workplace uses skylights, or large picture windows for natural lighting, you’re probably used to the difficulty in managing such large traditional blinds, or the task of finding a way to reduce light coming in through skylights. As the sun’s angle shifts throughout the day, you could end up adjusting blinds multiple times a day by pulling on that little pull cord.

Not only is this inconvenient, but impractical for large windows. With motorized blinds, you’ll no longer have to worry about stuck chords or getting up on a chair to fix it in inaccessible locations.

Reduce Glare

Computer glare is a serious issue in any modern workplace, and we frequently have to resort to blocking light and relying on artificial lighting instead. With electric blinds, you no longer have to worry about choosing between glare or artificial light, since they come in a variety of different transparency option. This way, you can still choose to have softer natural light while reducing glare on screens.

You can also reduce glare by knowing the time of day when the sun is most intense and troublesome, then setting your blinds on a timer to adjust during those times. How’s that for convenience?

Instant Privacy

Glass walls are a popular design trend in modern offices, but they aren’t the best for privacy. Electric window coverings can be used to add privacy to glass walls, and made to match your office decor seamlessly. The best part? You can have a controller right at your desk, so that whenever you’re in an important meeting, you won’t need to get up and lower the blinds each time. With the simple press of a button, you can have instant privacy from the comfort of your desk.

As you can see, motorized blinds offer a lot of practical advantages to businesses, from increasing productivity due to better lighting and efficiency, as well as improving the ambiance.  If you have any questions on our products or need a consultation, get in touch!


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