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Sunroom Shading Systems

Sunrooms Shades and Blinds – A Different Kind of Challenge

RoseSun Motor recently received an interesting request from a potential customer. Because their sunroom, “heats up to be unbearable,” they were interested in a motorized shade solution. Their letter explained that they preferred an exterior shading solution.

Their request presented a unique challenge: Sunrooms are very delicate. Attaching anything heavy to the structure can lead to bowing or at the very least, leakage. Several concepts were considered:

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    1. The idea of attaching a motorized awning was presented but immediately dismissed. Seasonal winds would likely cause it tobounce and damage the glass. [Awnings have little-to-no tension across the fabric and can therefore become dangerously sail-like during wind occurrences].
    2. Thermo-dynamics was also discussed. At issue was the concern that this particular sunroom was ill-placed. It was directly in the sun’s pathway during the early summer months of June and July. Although interior motorized blinds adequately protect most sunrooms or atriums, it became obvious that these homeowners needed a pocket of protection between the sun and the glass. Exterior motorized shading would decrease the room’s thermal load substantially.

    Sunroom Shades Mounting Solution

    RoseSun’s engineers devised a lightweight, rustproof aluminum frame that anchored to the top of the house and rested upon support beams that were geometrically aligned with the sunroom’s fame work. This subtle structure preserved the integrity and beauty of the sunroom, yet is sturdy enough to withstand any weather condition.

    Safety Measures

    Great care was taken to prevent shades from moving, rippling, or in any way becoming displaced during a wind storm. This goal was achieved by implementing these important safety measures:

    1. Attach each shade to two motors that work in tandem to maintain tension on each shade.
    2. Customize the track which serves the purpose of providing adequate space between the awning bar and the glass.
    3. Synchronize each set of double motors to insure that consistent tension and seamless motion occur.

    Aesthetics & Function of Motorized Sunroom Blinds

    Like the fluid reflection of their pool in the attractive sunroom glass, the finished look needed to fit harmoniously with the rest of the architecture. The color of the motorized shades was chosen because it matches the gutters. Upon completion, the homeowners were immensely satisfied and stated that it appeared as if this piece of technology had always been part of their home.

    It is this kind of comment we want to earn at the conclusion of any project. We hope that when we have the opportunity to serve your family, you will be equally as pleased.