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Motorized Drapery Track System

Are you looking for a drapery system that is unique, innovative and affordable? A motorized drapery track system removes unsightly cables and strings to open and close your drapes. They are replaced with a practically silent motor that can be controlled by a remote or switch. These systems are growing in popularity with homeowners and business owners due to their efficiency and ease of use.

Reasons to Try a Motorized System

Window treatments can really bring your room together. For a modern look that is both easy to use and nice to look at, try a motorized drapery track system. Many homeowners or business owners opt for these motorized systems because of their efficiency. Units are quiet and make reaching up or pulling on heavy cables to adjust your drapes a thing of the past.

The mechanics in the system provide a gentle and smooth operation that is impressive to watch. These units are ideal for any window, but specifically convenient for windows that are up high and places where there are a lot of windows that need to be covered at the same time.  Controlled by either a switch or remote, they are easy to use.

Commercial Usage

Motorized drapery track systems are the preferred choice for conference centers, hotels, and other businesses. As they are offered in all sizes and can be built on straight tracks or curved tracks, these motorized tack systems can be completely customizable. Motorized tracks can hold extremely heavy loads, making them ideal for curtains and draperies in these large commercial centers.

We are also proud to offer competitive volume pricing for our commercial clients. Ask about installing a motorized drapery track system to your commercial location today.

Convenience is in the Details

With many motorized drapery track systems, there are small details that make a big difference in the operation and use of the drapes. Most Motorized tracks can be completely customizable on either straight tracking, curved, L-shaped, U-shaped or S-shaped tracking. Features such as a slow start and slow stop function ensure the system is safe to use and will work smoothly. Many systems also allow users to set their preferred curtain open and close speed and can save favorite drape positions in a series of presets. Some systems also come equipped with a touch motion function, which allows the drapes to be pulled or pushed by hand.

Ask Us About Motorized Drapery Track Systems Today

With competitive prices on the most innovative and modern motorized drapery track systems, you can rest assured that you are receiving the best product for your residential home or commercial property. Motorized systems can give your room or conference center a modern appeal with efficient and quiet motorized draperies. With completely customizable solutions to your window treatment needs, we can help plan and recommend the perfect motorized drapery track system for your unique needs. Call us today!