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Electric Roof Blinds

Motorized Conservatory Roof Blinds

Like jewels on the landscape, winter gardens and conservatories attest to the elegance of modern living. Nonetheless, if you are among those who dwell within this type of architecture year-round, you might herald a description a bit less romantic. Summertime solar heat gain pushes temperatures in sun porches and winter garden rooms un-comfortably high. During winter, elevated glass roofs quickly chill, forming a pocket of cold air that dispels any accumulated warmth during its trek toward the floor.

Managing glass rooms is imperative that affects both comfort and practicality. Modern motorized blinds are a viable solution, but only when fitted properly; and only when appropriate fabrics are incorporated into the design.


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    A New Era has arrived

    In the past, many attempted to cover roof glass with draperies and cloth. While a viable idea, we did not yet have the kind of technology necessary to make the concept work properly. Gravity quickly displaced both the design and the drapery into grotesquely misshaped eyesores. Today, we have new technologies that make this objective both a feasible and reasonable solution:

    Tubular Motors

    • Small yet powerful, these automation devices can be discretely placed along any window juncture.
    • Fabrics tuck neatly inside the housing when not extended so that architectural elements are never displaced.
    • Tubular motors can operate from any direction. Side-to-side, Down-Up, and Up-Down elements, when combined, can encompass any shape within a glass roof design, no matter how intricate.

    Motorized Tracking Systems

    • Wherever curved glass exists, tracking systems help maintain the contour
    • Carefully designed cable systems effectively guide even the heaviest fabrics into place
    • No shape exists that cannot be managed by motorized tracking in the hands of knowledgeable experts.

    Innovations in Fabrics

    • Today’s UV Fabrics are amazingly versatile and attractive. Most importantly, they are available in graduating levels of protection and encompass the full range of opacities from translucent to full block-out.
    • Honeycomb blinds and shades provide pockets of thermal protection between the window temperature on the outside and your home’s temperature on the inside. Whether preventing winter or summertime climate intrusion, the honeycomb design provides beautiful and practical protection. It helps re-incorporate the purposeful intent of solarium rooms – that of gathering winter rays during daytime hours, and preventing their escape during the evening.

    Technology in the right hands

    In its infancy, the concept of tubular motors was envisioned as a means to accomplish tasks such as raising and lowering awnings. Before long, it became clear that this technology could be utilized to perform an infinite variety of tasks. Here at RoseSun Tubular Motors, we have spent decades exploring what their full potential might become.

    Electric Roof Blinds – in particular conservatory and solarium room windows, present a special set of design considerations. Not only are they likely to have unusual shapes, but they might also have curved surfaces, shallow frames, and precise angles at peak points.

    We are not deterred by challenges such as these. In fact, we thrive on resolving the inherent dilemmas that present themselves while fitting any window array. Our office consists of an energetic team of galvanized engineers who can design customized tubular motors and tracking systems specific to the most difficult demands of existing architecture. Customization projects keep us on our toes and inspire us toward further understanding the as-yet unapplied potential of this technology. We look forward to consulting with you on your project – no matter what its size. We envision a day when the versatility of tubular motors will help the world manage its heretofore unmanageable frustrations.