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We Specialize in Motorized Blinds and Custom Window Coverings

Since 1994 Rosesun Window Coverings has been a top choice for motorized blinds in Markham, just North East of Toronto. We offer exceptional products, knowledgeable service and our reviews speak volumes to our level of customer satisfaction with a 9.5 rating on

Motorized Blinds Toronto

Serving the Greater Toronto Area, RoseSun provides complete motorized automation for Residential and Commercial spaces.

Motorized Window Shades

Remotely Control your entire house or office space by installing one of RoseSun’s top of the line motorized shades or curtain solutions.

Automated Electric Blinds

When your home has many windows in hard to reach places, automating the window covering process with electric blinds becomes essential.

Custom Motorized Blinds

Rosesun specializes in the extravagant and lavish motorized custom window coverings. No matter the size or complexity of the job we can get it done.

Custom Blinds and Shades

We can bring your dreams to life!

Rose Sun Window Coverings specializes in making an idea come to life with a highly experienced engineering background they can make your dream of a motorized shading system come to life.

Why Choose Rose Sun Window Coverings

Since 1994 Rosesun Window Coverings has been satisfying its customers with supreme service and top quality products.  The Rosesun team is always willing and waiting to help you with the selection of interior or exterior shading products. As a certified Hunter Douglas motorization specialist, Rosesun offers the top of the line window covering fabrics and products.

What sets Rosesun apart from other window covering providers is their experience and exceptional engineering knowledge.  When your bring your idea or vision of a motorized shading system you would like to have, Rosesun can make it happen. Rosesun has taken on some massive motorized window covering jobs across Ontario, including their latest job of upgrading the motorized shading system at the National Gallery of Canada.

When you choose Rosesun Window Coverings you can rest assured you will receive the highest level of customer satisfaction, the best of products and design, and a quick clean installation.

Come visit our showroom at 121 Luzon Ave., Markham, Ontario or visit our contact page for more details

Customer Satisfaction

Exceptional service, going the extra mile to ensure satisfaction


Insightful Engineering Knowledge


Stylish modern, rustic, classic, or whacky designs

Exceptional Product

Various lines of products and fabrics to choose from

Professional Installation

Quick installation done right, and clean.

Rose Sun Motor Tech Ltd. installed a motorized blind for my skylight and did a very good job. The installation was seamless with no interruptions, and I am satisfied with their work, very good.

Chung Ed

Rose Sun Motor did a very good job with the installation of blinds in my home. They were on time, have a good quality product, and excellent service. I would recommend this company.

Motorized Blinds

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