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  • The Modern Classic: Why Motorized Roman Blinds are a Trending Home Decor Choice

    Motorized Roman blinds are very popular among homeowners and interior designers and have become a trending home décor choice. Motorized Roman shades are easy to use and beautiful, and can help protect your home from sunlight while serving as home décor.  The following are just some of the reasons why motorized Roman shades are a […]

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  • Green Technology: How Motorized Blinds Can Help You Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

    Small changes can be made to become more sustainable, and motorized blinds can reduce your personal impact on the environment. High-quality motorized blinds will help keep your home insulated, which will improve its energy efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint. When heat is able to escape your home through the windows, more energy will be […]

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  • Cordless vs. Corded Blinds: What’s Best for Your Home?

    Cordless blinds are becoming very popular because they are easy to use and also very convenient. You simply have to lift or pull your shade to your preferred height and will no longer have to manipulate your blinds with a cord.  Cordless Blinds These blinds are built with a tension mechanism within the top or […]

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  • How to Keep Your Retractable Awning Looking Like New

    If you have a retractable awning, it’s easy to keep it looking like new. Here’s what you need to know: Keep an eye on weather forecasts. Monitoring the weather is key to ensuring your retractable awning looks new. If you have one, you probably already know it’s important to keep an eye on forecast reports. […]

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  • How to Care for Your Retractable Awning

    Awnings are an excellent way to increase the amount of usable space on your patio or deck. They provide shade, privacy, and protection from rain and wind, but if you don’t take care of them properly, they can also become cumbersome to maintain. With proper maintenance, it’s easy to keep your retractable awning looking like […]

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  • Outdoor Patio Screens: How They Work and the Best Options to Consider

    Does your home feature an outdoor space or existing patio that you have been wanting to turn into a functional all-season room? Creating a patio enclosure with motorized retractable screens is able to create the best indoor and outdoor living space. Keep reading to learn how patio screens work, and the best options you should […]

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  • Planning For A Motorized Screen? Avoid These Common Mistakes

    Today, we will go over any highly visible mistakes that occur when tab-tensioned motorized screens are not designed correctly for the amount of drop selected. Extra Drop All projection screen venues will need to be properly measured. While a majority of people do this, some others make the mistake of just adding drop and then […]

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  • Why Do You Need To Get Your Screen Professionally Installed?

    DIY projects can be fun, although not every part of your home would benefit from this situation, and certain tasks should be left to the professionals. Screen installation is one example of a home project that you should not attempt on your own because inexperience and lack of skill can lead to costly problems and […]

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  • All Seasons’ Retractable Screen Doors Are Customizable for Any Home

    Retractable screen doors can help keep insects and debris out while allowing homeowners to enjoy a fresh breeze. They offer a number of advantages, and the best part is that they are customizable for any home, so you can get exactly what you’re after. This adaptable screen door system would allow you to retract your […]

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  • Utilize Your Backyard Space With Retractable Screens

    If you’re looking to get more use out of your patio area or seating area, then a great investment you can make is to purchase some retractable screens. While most homeowners might enjoy the ambiance of the outdoor living area, they are typically unable to make the most use out of the space because of […]

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  • Our Favourite Electric Blinds For Bifold Doors

    Electric blinds are great for keeping your home cool or warm when you are away at work or on vacation. These blinds have features that let your home be surrounded by material, which keeps you safe from UV rays but still manages to keep your home cool or warm based on the season you are […]

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  • Motorized Shades for Convenience and Style

    Motorized shades are a great way to protect your home from your noisy neighbours, it is also a great way to keep yourself protected during those strong heat waves. They are convenient and will protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays. There is no better way to stay cool than having your door open […]

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  • The Benefits of a Remote Control Motorized Retractable Awning

    If you want to enjoy your outdoor space, an awning is a must because it will create shade, which will allow you to remain outdoors for extended periods of time. Awnings attach to the side of a home and become extensions of the roof. They help cover open outdoor areas and give you control over […]

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  • Ordinary Screens Vs Retractable Screens

    Having shade from the bright sun can help keep your outdoor entertaining spaces cool and functional at all times during the day. It can also keep bugs away from the action and divide up any outdoor space. When it comes to outdoor screens, there are really only two types you should consider: ordinary and retractable. […]

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  • Combine Motorized Vinyl and Motorized Screen for a True Four-Season Room

    The patio is a wonderful place to gather and relax, and most homeowners use this space only when the weather is nice. The good news is that you can actually enjoy this space all year round because the combination of motorized retractable vinyl shades and motorized retractable screens will allow you to create a four-season […]

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  • Which Window Coverings can be Motorized?

    Motorized window coverings are rising in popularity, and with good reason. The convenience in enough for anyone to jump on the bandwagon, as is the affordable price tag that comes with it. As technology advances, the ease of day to day life increases quite a bit, so why not implement that with something as simple […]

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  • How do Motorized Window Coverings saving energy?

    When it comes to picking the right window coverings, one crucial factor to consider is energy efficiency. When choosing custom window coverings for your home, you need to think which option can give you the maximum advantage in terms of making your space energy efficient. Making your space energy efficient will help you to save […]

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  • What Is The Difference Between Blinds And Shades?

    When it comes to window coverings, there are a variety of options to choose from. However, we at Rose Sun Window Coverings are frequently asked if we use the terms blinds and shades interchangeably, and if there is, in fact, a difference between the two. We are here to tell you that there is a […]

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  • Motorized Blinds Are Magical Window Treatments

    Most people have window blinds in their homes to block light and protect their privacy. They are sleek, durable and easy to clean- making them a popular choice for many modern homes. But what if I told you that your blinds could do much more than opening and closing? Motorized blinds perform the same functions […]

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  • Enjoy Your Skylight Windows at All Times with Custom Window Treatments

    Skylights are very sought-after because they provide homes with amazing views and allow natural light to come inside. This will make the rooms inside your house feel larger and brighter, so there are a number of advantages to them. While skylights are a beautiful feature to have, you likely don’t want light from the outside […]

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  • Do I Have Enough Window Depth For My Blinds

    If you’re looking to purchase blinds for your windows, taking accurate measurements is essential for a good, custom fit. Here are some steps you should take before ordering your new blinds. Inside Mount or Outside Mount Blinds? Inside mount blinds are installed inside the window casing. They are often used in combination with curtains, which […]

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  • Decorating Windows Creatively For Any Aesthetic

    One of the most exciting parts of becoming an adult involves having full control over your own home, including how you wish to design it. Home design is a big way to express your personality, and windows are one of the big ways to bring a design together. Choosing window decorations can make or break […]

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  • How Long Do Motorized Blinds Last?

    It can be very tempting to opt into the luxury of motorized window blinds and screens. The added benefit of being able to control your blinds by remote control or wall switch makes them a very convenient option when installing them in your home. This is especially handy for windows or skylights that are difficult […]

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  • Motorized Pergolas Are An Outdoor Living Game-changer

    Motorized Pergolas Are An Outdoor Living Game-changer If you’re looking for a fully functional and unique outdoor living solution, motorized pergolas are the answer. This is a feature that will change your outdoor experience and will allow you to enjoy your backyard far more often. Manual pergola options exist, although motorized ones are taking over […]

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  • Are Motorized Blinds Or Shades Right For You?

    Are Motorized Blinds Or Shades Right For You? If you’re interested in motorized blinds or shades, you likely have a few questions and the following information will help you determine if this is a suitable option for you: Convenience This is a factor that will impact your decision, so consider this aspect. You will no […]

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  • Do Awnings Add Home Value?

    Do Awnings Add Home Value? If you’re considering adding a new awning, you’re probably wondering whether or not this fixture will add value to your home. The answer is yes, an awning will increase the value of your house because it will create additional space while providing a shaded area outside where you can spend […]

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  • How To Properly Care And Clean Your Retractable Shade Awning

    How To Properly Care And Clean Your Retractable Shade Awning Summer is fast approaching, which means it’s time to open up your retractable awning and enjoy yourself comfortably outside. However, before you do so, you should ensure your retractable awning is cleaned and ready to go. Regular maintenance and care for your awning should be […]

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  • Motorized Shades – Benefits and Common Misconceptions

    Motorized Shades – Benefits and Common Misconceptions Most homeowners agree that window treatments are a necessity for maintaining the aesthetic appeal of their homes, as well as privacy. With motorized shades, you can choose from battery operated or hardwired solutions. Battery powered shades are ideal for homes where cabling might be too labour intensive. If […]

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  • Motorized Screens: The Pros and Cons

    Motorized Screens: The Pros and Cons Motorized screens provide comfort and shade, but before you go out and purchase one, you should know both the pros and cons to help with your decision.  Pros In addition to shade, motorized screens will result in a lot of savings in the long run because they also provide […]

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  • Enchanting Pergola Roof Covers to Enhance Your Outdoor Space

    Enchanting Pergola Roof Covers to Enhance Your Outdoor Space When you have a beautiful backyard, adding an inviting outdoor pergola is the best thing you can do with it. A shaded sitting area maximizes its use, creates a cozy look, extends the living space and allows you to enjoy the beautiful sunshine on days that […]

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  • Retractable Shades vs Retractable Zipper Shades

    Retractable Shades vs Retractable Zipper Shades Retractable shades are designed to protect your family and furniture from weather elements, such as the sun and rain. They enhance the look of the natural environment but partially shield the seating area. These shades can be adapted to complement outdoor structures, such as pergolas, patio roofs, rotating louvre […]

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  • Why Buy Motorized Blinds?

    Motorized blinds and shades are highly coveted in homes today. With the addition of a motorized track or rod, they can take your home’s beauty, protection, convenience and comfort to new levels. There is no need to waste labour and time opening and closing blinds when a button can do it for you effortlessly. If […]

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  • What to Consider When Choosing Motorized Shades

    The versatility and convenience of installing motorized window treatments in your home create a wide variety of benefits that affect its appearance, energy savings and overall safety. It can be a small or large investment depending on how many windows you have and the size of them, but it’s an investment you should consider. To […]

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  • Tips For Prepping Your Home For the Market

    Once you’ve decided to put your home on the market, you begin to realize all the little details involved in making your home picture-perfect to potential buyers. Since most people make their purchasing decisions on that first gut feeling they get when they walk into a home, the details matter – big time. In order […]

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  • The Advantages of Hunter Douglas Motorized Blinds

    Hunter Douglas is one of the most reliable window covering brands because they’ve mastered combining form with function. Their innovative materials, focus on design, and durability make them one of the best options for motorized blinds. Now homeowners are able to enjoy the Hunter Douglas blinds they’ve always loved with even greater convenience. If you […]

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  • How to Winterize your Home

    In Ontario, it’s never too soon to think about winterizing your home. Though it may feel like a tedious chore, the key to staying comfortable throughout the winter and keep your utility bills lower is by taking advantage of every opportunity to insulate and plan ahead. Here are some ways you can effectively winterize your […]

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  • Tips for Choosing the Best Window Treatments for Your Office

    Decorating and furnishing an office involves a few different considerations than decorating a home. For starters, it’s a space where people come to work, so the right kind of lighting is important. Secondly, your interior design is highly attached to your identity as a company, and makes an impression on all who enter. In short, […]

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  • Skylights – Highly Desired Windows For a Number of Reasons

    Skylights are highly desired windows for a number of reasons. A view of the sky, clouds, and sunlight add an instant feeling of warmth and openness. They can help the smallest spaces, like bathrooms or cramped upstair rooms feel bright and expansive. They even help reduce your electric bill by providing all the daytime lighting [...]

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  • How to Keep a Sunroom Cool

    Sunrooms are prized additions to homes, they offer bright spaces that can be used to enjoy nature without sacrificing the comfort of being indoors. However, In order to make you sunroom comfortable year round, you’ll need to know how to keep a sunroom cool during the summer, and warm during winter.  Here are our tips […]

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  • Top Window Treatment Decorating Trends

    Nothing quite completes, or says “well-designed room” as window treatments. If you haven’t experimented with the effects of different drapes or shades, or haven’t moved on from flimsy blinds – you’re missing out! If you want to shed some new light on your space, then consider some of these window treatment decorating trends: Multi-layered window […]

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  • How Your Business Can Benefit from Electric Blinds

    If you haven’t considered motorized blinds for your organization, it’s time to start. The ease, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal of electric blinds make them ideal for many kinds of institutions. Our products are often used for restaurants, retailers, hospitals, hotels, and other commercial buildings. Here are just a few benefits that electric blinds can bring […]

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  • Unexpected Ways of Using Motorized Blinds

    At a glance, motorized blinds might just look like a more convenient version of regular window treatments, but they have a surprising amount of uses. Aside from their obvious function of controlling how light enters the home, they can be used to improve different areas of your home, and your quality of life. Here are [...]

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  • Why Customized Window Coverings Are the Way to Go

    A common thought whenever someone thinks about blinds, are the cheap, drab, rental property or lease variety. Those stereotypical white blinds found in big box stores are the bane of anyone concerned with interior design, and probably the first thing to be replaced after a lease is signed. However, blinds don’t have have that boring [...]

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  • Motorized Window Treatments – Are They Worth it?

    Motorized window treatments – are they worth it? It’s a common question amongst shoppers before taking the plunge. If you’re looking for answers, try asking yourself some questions to gauge whether they will be worth it to you, your home, and your lifestyle. Chances are, there may be a couple of factors you haven’t considered […]

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  • Keep Your Home Cool with Window Treatments

    As the temperature rises outside, you’re probably wondering how you can lower the temperature in your house without breaking the bank. While air conditioners are the most effective for temperature control, they are costly to keep running all day. It’s also reassuring to know that passive temperature controls are much better for the environment than […]

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  • Tips for Choosing The Right Window Treatment

    There’s a lot to consider when choosing the right window treatments, like style, material, and whether or not to have them custom made. Motorized window treatments have numerous options that can seem overwhelming, including sleek roller shades, curtains, cellular shades, sheers, and more. Here, we’re making it easier to narrow down the options. If you’re […]

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  • How to Speak the Lingo of Window Treatments

    Shopping for new window treatments can introduce many terms you’ve never heard before, which can leave you with more questions than you started with. To make your search for the right window treatments an easier experience, here’s some common terms you’ll want to know ahead of time. Valance – Valances run across the top portion […]

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  • How Window Blinds Automation Is Changing Life at Home

    Home automation might seem like a trend, but rest assured it isn’t going anywhere. The Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly expanding to include more objects in the home, from your deadbolt to your showerhead, and your window treatments. So whether or not home automation is something you’ve come to accept, the research shows people […]

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  • Areas of the Home That Benefit from Motorized Blinds

    Today, powered blinds are growing in popularity as homeowners look for ways to automate and increase the convenience of their home. When choosing window treatments, they should complement the function of each room, and powered blinds are versatile enough to enhance all areas of your house. If you’re wondering how you could benefit from installing […]

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  • Everything You Need to Know about Roman Shades

    If you’re looking for a stylish, versatile window treatment that will stand the test of time, then Roman shades are one option you should explore. Since these shades can be made out different materials and almost any fabric, from wood to even sheers – you can find one to suit nearly every style and home. […]

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  • How to Measure Windows for a New Shades

    So, you’re thinking about getting new window treatments and you want a better idea of what you’ll need. Measuring a window accurately before purchasing a new blind or shade is essential to ensuring your investment will fit and function correctly. Though you’ll want a professional to come in and take measurements prior to installation or […]

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  • 11 Stylish Window Treatment Ideas To Try

    A bare window is a missed opportunity for adding style or even completely changing the whole appearance of a room. If you have some windows that need dressing, but you’re in need of inspiration, then here are 11 stylish window treatment ideas that will make a big impression in your home. Not only will they […]

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  • Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space with Motorized Retractable Screens

    Our new retractable outdoor screens create the perfect recipe for an ideal outdoor retreat: fresh air, protection from insects, privacy, and shade from the sun when you need it. Adding motorized retracting screens to your deck, porch, patio, or any other outdoor area can change it from a mediocre space to a welcoming outdoor retreat. […]

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  • Best Insulating Electric Window Coverings

    Now that winter is here, you may have felt the drafts creeping in, especially around those large bay window, skylights, or other picture windows. What you may not know, is that shades are actually an excellent way of adding extra insulation and energy efficiency into your home, and customized electric window coverings make it possible […]

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  • 12 Advantages of Motorized Window Coverings You Probably Didn’t Expect

    With the growing popularity of home automation, homes are smarter than they ever were before. Electric window treatments are one aspect of home automation that provide a long list of benefits, encompassing everything from fun to better home security. Read our list and we’re sure you’ll be surprised by at least one advantage of motorized […]

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  • The Many Advantages of Natural Lighting

    Ever notice how hard it is to get out of bed on dark, overcast days compared to the energy you feel when awoken with sunlight? That’s one of the many benefits of natural lighting. If you’re not already taking advantage of this free energy source, then you might not be aware the effect it can […]

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  • How to Give Your Home a Modern Interior

    When we think of modern homes what comes to mind is simplicity and a perfect union of function and style.Though neutral palettes and clean lines are trademarks of a modern home, they don’t have to be devoid of personality or deprive the senses. In a hectic world, returning to a soothing, clutter-free environment is often […]

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  • Why Skylights Need Electric Blinds

    So you finally have those beautiful skylights you always wanted, the ones that fill your space with bright, natural light. Chances are you’re familiar with all the advantages that come with skylight windows, but what most people don’t consider are shade solutions. This is why most people leave theirs uncovered, and therefore, not as versatile […]

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  • Best Shade Solutions for Homes with Pets

    When it comes to pets and window treatments, there tends to be a huge conflict of interests. Those with pets know the horrors of curtains being used as scratching posts, or trampled and yanked down by overzealous dogs running to look out the window. What’s a doting pet owner to do? Thankfully, motorized window treatments […]

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  • Preparing Your Windows for the Colder Months

    Though everyone loves a big picturesque window and the natural light they bring to interiors, come fall and winter we’re reminded of how much heat we lose through them.  Here in Toronto, cold, snowy winters are just a part of life, but you can take the edge off and keep your heat bills down by […]

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  • Get Better Sleep with Blackout Window Treatments

    Lack of sleep got you beat? It’s possible that the light in your room at night is what is causing all the tossing, turning, and sleepless nights. This is because darkness helps produce melatonin, the naturally occurring hormone that helps put us to sleep. Even small amounts of light can cause a decrease in melatonin […]

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  • What Should You Look For in Motorized Blinds?

    So you’ve heard about the benefits of motorized window treatments and want to make the switch yourself. Now’s the time to start asking the bigger questions that will lead you to the best investment possible.  As motorized shades have gained popularity, there are more options than ever before – which can make the process a […]

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  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Decorating with Motorized Window Treatments

    There’s a lot to consider when choosing window treatments that will give your home the “wow” factor you’re after. Window shapes, angles of the sun, and existing furniture, are just a few of the conditions that need to be examined before making a decision. Electric blinds bring even more options into the equation that need […]

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  • How to Find the Best Motorized Skylight Shades in Toronto

    Skylights are wonderful in their ability to brighten up a space with warm, natural light. And while those with skylights love the advantages of a vibrant (and free) light source, many still long for a practical shade solution when they need it. We can help take the guesswork out of finding a skylight shade solution […]

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  • How Motorized Shades Fit in With Current Window Treatment Trends

    Windows are often the biggest focal point of a room, and when outfitted in the right window treatments, they can help pull together your most ambitious interior design goals. Staying current with window treatment trends is one of the ways we help customers keep their homes and offices looking sharp and cutting edge. Here are […]

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  • The Best Motorized Window Treatments for Every Room

    There’s a lot to consider when choosing custom window treatments, such as the primary function the window treatment should serve, as well as how they fit in with the overall aesthetics of your space. You’ll also want to think about the times of day you use each area, what the climate is typically like, or […]

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  • Hunter Douglas Blinds: Are They Worth Their Name?

    Blinds don’t have to be an afterthought, or an unsightly addition to your home or office. On the contrary, they can add style, comfort, and even refinement to every space they influence.  A prime example of blinds that are the perfect pairing of design and function are motorized Hunter Douglas blinds. We’ve been installing Hunter […]

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  • Obtain a Comfortable Sunroom with Motorized Blinds

    Sunrooms are wonderful in their ability to allow panoramic views of outdoor landscapes while offering protection from adverse weather, but they also have a reputation for becoming uncomfortably hot. Due to the fragile nature of the large glass windows, providing an exterior shade solution can be tricky and potentially damaging. Our ingenuity and attention to […]

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  • Achieving Outdoor Convenience with Motorized Blinds

    Research shows that spending time outdoors is good for us, however, the outdoors just doesn’t offer the same comfort and conveniences we’re accustomed to. Imagine how much more time you’d enjoy spending outdoors if you could take some of the comfort of home and bring it outside? Well, with motorized blinds you can. We’re not […]

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  • 5 Interior Styles You Can Achieve With Motorized Blinds and Shades

    When trying to achieve a particular interior style, the way your window is dressed can either make or break the flow of your design. If you want to keep your theme cohesive and achieve an impressive custom look, then motorized shades and blinds are your best option. Here are some interior styles that can be […]

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  • How Motorized Blinds and Shades Add Value To Your Home and Lifestyle

    Chances are you have windows in just about every room of your home or business, and they have tremendous influence on how your interior looks and feels. Treatments such as motorized blinds and shades are a great investment because they present a fabulous opportunity to improve the function and style of your home or office. […]

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  • National Home Show 2016

    National Home Show 2016 This week and next, we will be attending this year's National Home Show, and we invite you to come say hello! At the Home Show, we will be showcasing our products and services, and our sales team will be there in both #2929 to answer all of your questions and show [...]

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  • Fall Home Show Winners

      We would like to thank everyone who visited us at our booth last week at the Fall Home Show in Toronto. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!   Below are the winners of our draw: First prize ($2,000*): Anastasia of Richmond Hill Second prize ($1,000*): Harry Zheng of North York […]

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  • Fall Home Show 2014

    Fall Home Show 2014 RoseSun will be attending this year's Fall Home Show next month and we invite you to join us! At the Home Show, we will be showcasing our products and services, and our sales team will be there to answer all of your questions. We are also offering exclusive promotions, where you [...]

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  • National Home Show Prize Winner 2014 – Case Study

    Case Study For those of you who remember our recent blog post about our draw for a $2,000 custom window coverings package, we have successfully installed a new set of motorized blinds in one of our winners' home in the Hamilton, Ontario area. For this project, there were two high windows in the main floor. [...]

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  • 2014 National Home Show Winners

    We would like to thank all those who attended and visited us at this year's National Home Show in Toronto. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! For those who were able to attend, we offered a prize of $2,000 credit towards the purchase of our custom motorized window coverings. Due to [...]

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  • National Home Show 2014

    RoseSun Window Coverings of Toronto Invites you to join us at Booth #3419 for Canada’s National Home Show & Canada Blooms MARCH 14-23, 2014 at the DIRECT ENERGY CENTRE - TORONTO Visit Our Booth: See our Wide Array of Motorized Products in Action Consult with our Sales Team – Get Answers Enjoy Videos of our Most [...]

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  • Overcoming Challenges National Gallery of Canada Project

    RoseSun Motor’s Expertise Benefits National Gallery of Canada Renovation When The National Gallery of Canada secured RoseSun Motors to modernize the motorized shades in The Great Hall, it was immediately apparent that this task would present extraordinary engineering challenges. The Great Hall is a hallmark in architecture, with multiple arrays of what architect Safdie called [...]

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  • Retractable Screens for Large Openings

    Why use retractable screens? What better way of keeping direct sunlight and glare out of homes, offices, hotels, conference centers, or outdoor venues, garage doors, than fitting them with motorized retractable screens from Rose Sun. This way, the view outside is still completely visible, there is no detrimental affect on eyesight or the necessity to [...]

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  • Retractable Screens Doorways

    Retractable Door Screens Retractable door screens are the latest in home enhancement. The miracle technology and materials used to create these screens allows your home to remain the ideal temperature while being free of insects without obstructing your views. You will be able to use them in a variety of door types, and the motorized [...]

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  • Retractable Screens for Patios

    Selecting Retractable Screens Modern home furnishings and architectural detailing are providing home and condo owners with new options to add convenience as well as style to a living space. Long gone are the days when buyers are stuck with the internal and external decorations and accessories built into the home by the previous owners. Today, [...]

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  • Oversized Roller Shades and Window Blinds

    Custom Oversized Blinds and Shades Capable of Spanning over 40 ft Technology has come a long way in the past century, but still today we have problems when it comes to covering large oversized areas with motorized roller shades. If you have shopped around many manufactures will insist that oversised roller blinds can not be done over 10 feet, well they [...]

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  • Motorized Retractable Power Screens

    Block the Sun not the view with RoseSun’s Motorized Window Screens Similar to sunglasses, these electric powered retractable screens are built from fabric that reduce the suns glare through the window but still allow for a clear view of the outdoors. These screens can be fitted to any style or make of window, and come [...]

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  • Motorized Shades For Skylights Remote Controlled

    Electric Window Shades for Skylights and Sunroofs Skylights can bring in a great deal of natural light to brighten up a room. It is the reason we have seen a huge increase in skylight renovations. They are also a huge selling point for new home buyers. They save energy as it conserves on the use [...]

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  • Motorized Window Blinds Installation Experts

    Toronto’s Expert Window Shade Installers Motorized window treatments have been the highlight of recent interior design shows and featured on many home renovation television episodes. They add value to a home and are a feature that you can be proudly shown off guests. With a simple click of a remote control you can open and close [...]

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  • Motorized Skylight Shades and Blinds

    Increasing natural light into a room seems to be an ever growing trend for home owners and one of the best ways to get the sunlight into an interior room of the house is with a skylight. But what do you do when you wish to diminish the light coming in? The sun does not [...]

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  • Never Leave Your Seat with Remote Controlled Blinds and Shades

    Whether you’re looking for home or business, nothing makes using Rose Sun motorized products as easy as the remote controlled option. At home, closing the blinds to make sure the sun stays out of your eyes for that Sunday morning sleep-in (or afternoon nap) or simply adjusting the brightness of the living room from the [...]

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  • Automated Shades for the Modern Home

    RoseSun Home Automation Systems is the centre for motorized blinds, motorized shades and motorized Roller Shade products in the Toronto area. Rose Sun motorized roller shade technology offers its clients the cutting edge in automated roller shade products by providing the very best in motorized and automated window shade options. The Roller shade system provides [...]

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  • Visit RoseSun at the Toronto National Home Show

    Must See Exhibit at the Home Show Each year, the homeowners and industry professionals of Canada gather for several days of excitement. The latest trends are revealed and the most promising businesses share their best products and services with the general public. The Toronto National Home Show The National Home Show is a spectacular event [...]

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  • Certified Motorization Specialists for Hunter Douglas

    Lighting, heating and cooling, security systems, even kitchen appliances — and, yes, window fashions — can be automated and controlled remotely. With Hunter Douglas Platinum Technology, you can raise or lower window fashions like honeycomb shades using a wireless remote control. Gadgets that we previously saw only in a James Bond movie are now a [...]

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