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Motorized Curtains

One of our most popular and stylish residential and business features, the motorized track curtain system showcases the best in motorized window shade products. Our motorized track curtains operate almost silently, and can be custom ordered to fit your individual needs, giving a personalized and unique decorative touch to your home or business. The motorized track system is an extremely versatile choice in both business and residential, and the easy to install track system is a favourite among both contractors and do-it-yourselfers.

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    • Aesthetically Attractive
    • Flexible to Suit any Design
    • Easy to Operate
    • Durable and Long Lasting
    • Intelligent Remote Control
    • Wall Mounted Control
    • Oversize Lengths Available
    • Custom Tracking Available

    Motorized Track Curtains are back in Style

    The highlight of the motorized track curtain system is the nearly silent motor, which allows for the luxury of a motorized closing/opening system without the unnecessary and disturbing noise of other conventional systems. Whether you’re hosting guests in your home or clients in your business, the smooth, quiet operation of the motorized track system is sure to impress. The motorized track curtain system is best used for larger sized picture windows or display windows, and is a very popular choice for cottages overlooking the lake, and businesses with large display or picture windows. These motorized track curtains should definitely be an option under heavy consideration when using large glass displays, and Rose Sun’s customizable fabric options will make sure that any motorized system your install meets your needs and fulfills your vision for your home or business.

    The decorative touch and technological niche fulfilled by the Rose Sun motorized track curtain system is sure to please even the most discerning of consumers. RoseSun has made a name for themselves as the premier manufacturer and distributor of the innovative silent motor systems responsible for Toronto and the GTA, and anyone seeking business, commercial or residential motorized or remote controlled blinds or curtains need look no further than Rose Sun. Customize your project by adding the beautiful and versatile motorized products offered by the professionals at Rose Sun; you’ll be amazed and impressed by the service and quality they offer.