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Keep Your Home Cool with Window Treatments

As the temperature rises outside, you’re probably wondering how you can lower the temperature in your house without breaking the bank. While air conditioners are the most effective for temperature control, they are costly to keep running all day. It’s also reassuring to know that passive temperature controls are much better for the environment than devices that consume electricity. That’s where blinds and other window treatments come in.
One of the best ways to control the temperature of your home, and be able to let the sunshine in when you need it is to install motorized window blinds. We’ll cover some motorized blind options in addition to more traditional solutions and outline the benefits of each to keep your indoor (and outdoor) spaces cooler.

Retractable screens and Mesh shades can block out sun while providing a cross breeze in outdoor patios

The trick to keeping temperatures from rising too much during midday and late afternoon is by getting the indoor temperature to drop as much as possible overnight and in the early morning. The best (and most cost effective) way of doing this is by letting all the early morning air into the house. Retractable screens work seamlessly with sliding glass doors or French doors, allowing you to let in large breezes while keeping flying insects where they should be (outside, and far away).

Mesh shades can help you stay cool outdoors by providing UV protect and buffering sunlight, while allowing breezes to flow through your outdoor space. Mesh shades are great for outdoor spaces such as decks, patios or even gazebos. The convenience of using a remote or switch to managing your blinds make them great for outdoor lounging and entertaining.

Cover up those skylights

Skylights give free, natural light into homes, but come summer they can really add a lot of heat. Also, depending on the time of day and angle of your sky window, they can create awkward beams of light that can be hard to get out of your eyes. Electric window coverings really are the only practical solution for skylights, and can dramatically decrease solar heat they give off. No matter what angle or shape of your skylight, you can have a custom shade created and installed.

Black out shades and layered window treatments

A great way of keeping out the intense sun is by using blackout shades and layered window treatments. Blackout shades are available with insulating properties, so not only do they help keep the heat out in summer, but they can also keep the heat in during winter. Blocking out intense, midday sun not only keeps indoor temperatures lower, but it protects carpet, upholstery, and plastic from sun fading.


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