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Commercial Blinds

We proudly cooperate with builders, designers, and dealers.

RoseSun is here to help your business with our custom-crafted, high quality products along with excellent customer service. We provide motorized and manual systems for all size windows, and for businesses small and large. No job is too big.

We also provide motorized window shades as wholesale products. We can help retailers design and install custom window treatments such as skylights, patio shades, and more. We can also modify existing manual shades installed by other companies and convert them into motorized shades. We guarantee safe and reliable products that last for years.

Battery Drive Motor Shades

RoseSun offers battery-drive motorized shade systems to our customers. They require the same installation as manual shades. No wiring and no power is needed. Based on our unique design, eight AA batteries may last from 1 to 3 years. This motor is also powerful enough to drive up to 36 square feet of fabric. A quiet running motor, easy installation and long lasting battery; it’s designed to give you peace of mind.

24 Volt DC and 110 Volt AC Motorized Systems

RoseSun offers several different motorized shade systems to our customers with home automation fitting. You can use our remote to operate the motor, together with home automation remotes or touchpads. Two different motors are available for small or big size shades up to 256 sqft. We have handheld single/multi-channel remotes for these motors. The motor has a built-in receiver for a radio remote control. Shade adjustment can be done using the remote. Quiet running, powerful torque, and easy programming make these motors a great fit for most situations.