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100% Custom-made Window Coverings

Oversized Window Blinds

Customizing Oversized Windows

The advent of folding glass walls, cathedral windows, and outdoor living areas as large as living rooms created the need for suitable coverings. Fortunately, custom-sized motorized blinds, screens, and shades fill this role with aplomb.

Glass Walls
Window walls incorporate nature’s monumental vistas into our personal living space. RoseSun Motor’s custom window treatments capitalize on the uninterrupted expanse of glass walls, further enhancing this impressive architectural statement.

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    Oversized Windows Makes a Bold Statement

    Glass walls are focal points. They create an invitation to enjoy the view, the ambiance, or the lure of an attractive patio or balcony. Translucent motorized window shades perfectly compliment their openness. Not only can they be customized to fit any window size – they can be complimented with the addition of a privacy panel.


    Oversized is Practical

    Oversized motorized shades can be used in limitless ways.
    • Outdoor patios stay cool and insect-free with the addition of oversized motorized screens.
    • Outdoor balconies of any size benefit from the shading capacity of either flowing or smartly-taut motorized shades.
    • Unexpected breezes can be managed
    • Seasonal business can be extended
    • Rain storms won’t send everyone scurrying for cover

    Commercial Motorized Blinds Customization

    In commercial environments customization holds the key to professional-looking results. RoseSun thrives on these kinds of challenges. We can help you achieve an end-product that is both functional and affordable.

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    Determining your Purpose

    Because we build expressly-designed tubular motors and configure them ourselves, RoseSun is uniquely suited to specialize in customization.

    It is important to understand that motorization is not limited to windows and screens. Our customization team has created motorized solutions for projects as large as domes and stained glass windows; and as small as entertainment centers.
    We have modified window shades to accommodate arbors, and shutters.

    What we’ve learned so far:
    • Height doesn’t matter
    • Width doesn’t matter
    • Most often, weight can be properly disbursed
    • What cannot be accomplished vertically can sometimes be accomplished horizontally, (and visa versa).
    • Motors work together well when properly configured

    We foresee a day when motorization will find its way into all sorts of household and commercial applications. The possibilities are only limited by our imagination, which means the potential for motorization is limitless. In other words, don’t be afraid to ask. Whatever your conception, we will likely find a practical solution.

    While you’re busy conceiving your project, please be aware that:

    • Fabrics, colors, and pattern choices are wide open
    • Solar Screening, available in graduating UV protection, opens additional possibilities
    • UV fabrics for motorized shades not only protect floors and furniture, they have multiple applications in outdoor living environments.