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Roman Shades

Motorized Roman Shades – Sensible Style

Most of us are familiar with folding Roman Shades. During the past few years, their already-impressive functionality was greatly improved via the advent of modern cording arrays, including clutch-release and down-up purposing. But the most impressive advance in Roman Blind technology is the incorporation of motorization. Motorized Roman Shades are lighter in weight,  retain their shape, and come in a stunning array of design options, including woods, prints, & translucent under-panels.

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    • Flawless Seaming with Window Frame
    • Lightweight
    • Block-Out & Transparency Options
    • Wider Variety of Designs
    • Broader Assortment of Fabrics & Materials
    • Motorization Increases Functionality
    • Better Window Fit
    • No Tangled Cords

    Motorized Roman Blinds – Effective Window Treatments Reclaimed

    For eons, Roman Blinds were constructed from heavy materials that protected privacy and were effective against sun permeation. Thankfully, today’s lighter-weight, tightly woven fabrics have added sleek sophistication to Roman Shades, while the advent of motorization has increased their functionality.

    Hunter Douglas Roman ShadesSome of us can recall the days when our beautiful Roman Shades remained closed all day, every day. Window cords tucked behind couches and other furniture were nearly impossible to reach. Today’s Motorized Roman Shades are functional at the touch of a button and can be installed to operate in both up-down and down-up configurations. This increased functionality makes motorized Roman Blinds an exceptionally attractive window covering option.


    Modern Roman Shades – Greater Versatility

    Canister-contained Fabrics: Roman Shades are ingenious. Spaced cording permits an upward pull to fold subsequent layers of fabric into an attractive pleated window covering.  Incorporating this functionality into a canister-driven tubular motor system was a unique challenge. Surprisingly, both components were improved upon during the process. Lighter-weight materials necessary for canister retraction were coupled with ingenious flat lying eyelets. The result is a smoothly functioning flush-mount system with no air gaps and zero cords to tangle.

    Incorporating Wood, Bamboo, & Prints: Woven materials and brocades were common to Roman Blinds during past centuries. Lightweight woods and bamboo also made their debut. Today, we can incorporate any modern material and in addition, can add transparent back-panels for a fully-functional privacy shade that operates independently of the opacity panel.

    Preserving a Window’s Character: Paned windows are hard to showcase. We either open window coverings to show them off, or close them to protect against exterior temperatures. Fortunately, today’s Roman Blinds & Shades can be purposed with this exact scenario in mind, opening a whole new vista in window coverings.


    Perfectly Folded - Open or Closed

    Hunter Douglas Provenance3

    Transparent Back-Panels & Bamboo

    Hunter Douglas Provenance2

    Paned Window Elegance

    Hunter Douglas Design Studio Tiered Cropped

    Not Old Fashioned Anymore

    If you are still of the opinion that Roman Blinds are old fashioned, consider the following images and their implications. Roman Shades are now available in both manual and motorized versions, and innovative designs and fabrics keep surfacing. Motorized Roman Shades are a window covering attraction to keep your eye on!

    Hunter Douglas Design Studio Tiered2
    Hunter Douglas Vignette Tiered4
    Hunter Douglas Vignette Tiered3