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Why Skylights Need Electric Blinds

Electrical Blinds

So you finally have those beautiful skylights you always wanted, the ones that fill your space with bright, natural light. Chances are you’re familiar with all the advantages that come with skylight windows, but what most people don’t consider are shade solutions. This is why most people leave theirs uncovered, and therefore, not as versatile as they could be.

Because they’re out of reach and at a horizontal angle, many assume that skylights simply aren’t compatible with shades, which couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, you can get more joy out of your skylights with the right shade solution.

Here, we’ll discuss the major benefits of using electric shades with your  skylights, and how to choose the best option for your windows:


Better Insulation

Though skylights are a cost-effective lighting solution, they’re not so great at temperature control. During winter, drafts from your skylights can be buffered with shades, and strong,  warm rays from the sun can be blocked during oppressively hot summer days. In other words, skylight shades will help retain heat in the winter, and blocks out heat in the summer.

Reduce furniture and carpet fading

Skylights often let in powerful midday sun, and with no control over shading. This intense sunlight can eventually fade furniture and carpets. Having skylight shades can help save your upholstery by either softening the amount of light that comes in, or blocking it out completely.


With all the customizable options available, adding motorized shades to your skylights can give your interior a clean, modern appearance. If you’re looking to improve both looks and lighting in your home or business, skylight shades are a great choice.

What is the Right Type of Skylight Shade for my Window?

Not that you know how easy it is to shift  the ambiance of a room with the touch of a button, making the decision to install electric skylight shades should be an easy one. Your next line of questions probably has to do with what kind is best for your windows and what your options are.

Because of the advancement in technology used for electric blinds, as well as the materials available for them, your choices are now greater than ever before.


The size of your skylight windows will influence what kind of shades they’re able to support. The two main options are either honeycomb shades, or a flat variety of  motorized skylight blinds. Flat skylight blinds must be a minimum of 30 inches wide, since the material is heavier and therefore requires an electric motor.

Because honeycomb skylight blinds are much lighter, they can be powered by a battery powered motor. This means that no electrical outlet needs to be installed by an electrician prior to installation. This is ideal for people who have small, hard-to-reach skylights,  but don’t want the extra cost of connecting them to their power source.

Interior or Exterior

Depending on how you use your skylights, you can choose between having them interiorly or exteriorly. Most people prefer having their shades indoors, but there are some cases, like in sun rooms for instance, when home owners prefer their sun screens mounted outdoors. We can help you determine which option is best for you.


You can choose between varying opacities depending on how you typically use the light in any given space. If you want the ability to completely block out any lighting, then we have fully opaque options. If instead you want to “soften” the amount of light that comes in, you can choose a material with the exact transparency you’re looking for.


Gone are the days when you’d have to choose between style and function. Even skylight coverings can be made with customizable colors and materials to perfectly match the style of your home or business.

Control Options

Control options are obviously an important aspect to skylight coverings, because without them they’re otherwise unusable due to their high location. You can choose to have wall-mounted controls, remote controls, light sensor controls, or a combination. Electronic controls provide the freedom of opening or closing your shades from any room in the house.

Skylight Covers in Toronto:

If you need skylight covers in the Toronto area, then we’re happy to help you explore your options. Once you have your motorized skylight shades installed, you can start reaping the benefits of the best natural lighting with shade coverage when you need it.


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