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Motorized Retractable Screens

Enjoy The Benefits of a Motorized Retractable Screen

Motorized Retractable Screens help extend the amount of time we spend in our outdoor living environments. They not only block the sun’s harsh rays and reduce solar heat gain, but help protect against unwanted pests, ensure privacy, and promote cooling breezes. They are especially attractive on patio enclosures, balconies, and breezeways; while being equally as valuable when used with sliding glass walls and for garage door openings.


Benefits & Options


Intelligent Remote Control


Wall Mounted Control


Home-automation Devices


Sun & Wind Sensors


Lengths up to 26ft

(additional motors for longer spans)

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    Motorized Screens Provide Ease of Operation

    Rose Sun’s Motorized Retractable Screens feature a weight bar that is guided between two tracks on either side of the screen. Multiple electronic-limit tubular motors ensure stability. When these motors are mounted in parallel connections they provide for single or in-tandem intelligent panel control.

    Mounting Options

    The top of the screen can either be housed in its attractive casing, (colored to your specification)


    In the event that our 9 basic colors and 15 wood grain finishes do not match your color scheme, we can easily customize colors. Just bring us a swatch or a color palate sample, and we will be happy to accommodate you. Rose Sun Motor Retractable Screens Offer Solar Protection, Privacy, and Air-Flow Options

    Insect Mesh

    This mesh affords the greatest air flow. In addition it has the following features: • Reduces up to 55% of UV Rays • Does not impede the view • Provides an effective insect barrier • Unimpeded Air Flow

    Solar Mesh

    Not only does Solar Mesh provide exceptional protection against UV rays, the variations in this mesh also include options such as pet-resistant screening, black-out privacy coverage, and variable air flow choices. • Reduces up to 75% of UV Rays • Block-out coverage for privacy • Increased Strength • Cooler Shade

    Privacy Mesh

    With a wide assortment of colors to choose from, Privacy Mesh not only accomplishes what its name implies, but also blocks out 90% of UV rays. • Ensures complete privacy • Deters 90% of UV Rays • Provides the greatest amount of shade (Some loss of air flow will occur) • Available in 14 attractive colors

    Premium Solar Mesh

    This product provides 80% UV protection, promotes improved outdoor views, and increases daytime privacy. • 80% UV Protection • Multiple Color Options • Weaved Look and Feel • Reduces Solar Gain to keep areas cooler • Increases Outward Visibility • Increases Daytime Privacy

    You can rest assured that Rose Sun Motor has the knowledge and expertise to help you determine which combination of colors and screens will not only complement your home, but also accommodate your personal preferences. We have a long-standing reputation for quality work, unparalleled customer service, and of course, we offer the finest products.