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Which Window Coverings can be Motorized?

Motorized window coverings are rising in popularity, and with good reason. The convenience in enough for anyone to jump on the bandwagon, as is the affordable price tag that comes with it. As technology advances, the ease of day to day life increases quite a bit, so why not implement that with something as simple as opening and closing your window coverings. If this is a path you’re going to explore, then you need to know which shades are compatible with motorization. Here are all the shade types you can add a motor to.

Roller Shades

When it comes to motorized window coverings, roller shades are the most popular. There’s a wide range of configuration options to choose from, the customization choices are practically endless. Low voltage motors can be utilized, as can batteries, solar energy kits, plug-in transformers, hard wiring and rechargeable batteries. This also offers a range of price differences to fit various budgets.

Cellular Shades

While you can motorize a set of cellular shades, there won’t be as many motor options as you’d find with other shade options. Like with several other motorized products, motorized window coverings are compatible with various types of control options, including WiFi and smartphone connectivity, indoor sun sensors and timed sensors.

Woven Woods

The sizing of the woven wood shades is the only factor that hinders its motorization ability. The fabric on these shades can be heavier when more is added to fit larger shade structures. Therefore, wider crafted woven wood shades that are covered in fabric may not be able to utilize the motorization function.

Transitional Shades

A motorized mechanism can be implemented into transitional shades without a problem. In fact, the motorization mechanism can be powered with a battery pack, rechargeable battery, solar battery pack or a plug-in transformer.

Sheer Horizontals

These window covering would employ the same motorization range as transitional shades. If you’re looking to impress your guests, then this will give you that wow factor you’re looking for. Having motorized sheer blinds are an aesthetic you can’t beat.

Window Covering that can’t be Motorized

Unfortunately, not all shades or blinds can have motors installed onto them. Shutters, for example, don’t function as the other blinds do. The motor, if one could be added, would need to go into the frame. However, this would compromise the structure of the entire window covering, make installation difficult and threaten the life span of your shutters.

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