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Retractable Shades vs Retractable Zipper Shades

Retractable Shades vs Retractable Zipper Shades

Retractable shades are designed to protect your family and furniture from weather elements, such as the sun and rain. They enhance the look of the natural environment but partially shield the seating area. These shades can be adapted to complement outdoor structures, such as pergolas, patio roofs, rotating louvre roof system, arbours and trellises. They also keep sitting areas from getting too dark on overcast days, unlike fixed awnings.

Fixed awnings also restrict views. Those seated below them are unable to enjoy views beyond the awnings. Unlike retractable shades, fixed awnings are not portable either. If you have to move homes, you can take your fixed awning with you. The confusion that comes up most is whether you should choose a longstanding retractable screen or retractable zipper shades.

Earlier retractable window awnings were available in various styles from traditional fixed awnings with side curtains, roll-out with hinged arms and ribbed, curved, rounded or quarter ball styles in curved awnings. Retractable patio awnings had large folding arms to support the fabric and keep them stretched tight. They all did well to keep out the sun. But now, several other retractable options are available that have several other advantages.

Retractable Screens

Retractable screens are free-standing, wall mounted or installed below a pergola under which a canopy can be added for a prettier touch. Retractable horizontal screens are high-tech products that can cordon off an area to provide more privacy and shelter. They can block out the sun and wind while solar shade fabrics can be fitted with clear vinyl panels for unconstricted view.

Colourful solid or patterned fabrics are also available for townhouse decks and terraces. They come with an aluminum retractable rail that glides in and out easily without sagging the fabric with anti-kickback shades for safe operation. If it gets too windy, just pull it into the spring loaded aluminum case.

Retractable Zippered Solar Shades

The advantages of an outdoor retractable zippered shade outweigh the benefits of fixed awnings or retractable screens. In general, motorized retractable shades have a 10+ year warranty against fading, rotting and mildew. 


Exterior roll up zippered solar shades provide privacy screens and filter out the sun with motorized exterior shades. This prevents window glass from heating up while still providing visibility. The biggest advantage of roll up retractable solar shades is reduced energy costs. They also protect your furniture from fading due to exposure to strong UV rays. If you have a sunroom, these are the perfect solutions. Solar shades are available in several attractive colours, styles and designs. 


Materials range from acrylic awning fabric to PVC coated polyester and zipper shades that are fitted with fibreglass screen or Phifer Tuff Screen to keep out bugs and insects. These polyester and fibreglass screen fabrics let you control the amount of light you need in your home. So your solarium or restaurant outdoor porch is not just shaded without blocking out the view but also is bug-protected even as it allows the wind in.


Zipper shades can be motorized so they move individually or together at just the push of a button on a remote control for more convenience. You can also control the shades with your smartphone. The “zippered” sides are a special hem at the sides of the fabric that look like a zipper. These retractable shades ride inside an attractive aluminum track that are rust and corrosion-proof. 


Enjoy the benefits of motorized retractable shades. Visit Rose Sun Window Coverings to make your patio and sunrooms more attractive, reduce the sun’s harsh rays, solar heat gain and protect against unwanted pests. Browse our website to learn more.




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