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Retractable Screens for Large Openings

Why use retractable screens?

Retractable ScreensWhat better way of keeping direct sunlight and glare out of homes, offices, hotels, conference centers, or outdoor venues, garage doors, than fitting them with motorized retractable screens from Rose Sun. This way, the view outside is still completely visible, there is no detrimental affect on eyesight or the necessity to wear sunglasses and; the area screened is private and a comfort zone.

Motorized screens are simple to use. You just flick the power button or remote control for setting them at whatever height you require. Furthermore, they are retractable and out of sight when not in use. The size of the area you want to screen does not matter; it is the convenience of having motorized retractable screens fitted that makes it very worthwhile. Greater luxury is added to a home, or even an office or other commercial setting.

Retractable Screens


Retractable screens provide innovative, flexible, and reliable solutions for any large openings as well as for oversized or garage doors. You are provided with immediate sun and insect protection, with the reduction of air-conditioning and heating costs, all adding to the pleasure of an indoor and outdoor living experience.

Rose Sun retractable screens are extremely versatile and available in a variety of colours. They can be fitted anywhere that they are needed, such as, the inside of windows or else fitted for outdoor venues to block out the constant variable weather conditions. Rose Sun is renowned for perfection and the quality of products that they install. With knowledge and vast experience in the trade, you are guaranteed of a positive and satisfactory outcome.


With the sun or glare streaming in through large windows on furniture and carpets, the life expectancy of the contents of the home or office is dramatically reduced. Both summer and winter weather conditions can be most detrimental to TV’s, sound equipment, other electronic devices, wooden furniture, and fading of fabrics.

By wisely having retractable screens by Rose Sun fitted to the windows, you are prolonging the life of your home or office contents and saving yourself many dollars. Motorized retractable screens are ideal for use in large openings, such as sunrooms built around swimming pool areas where concentration of heat has a tendency to accumulate.

These retractable screens add pleasure to any environment and are easy to use. No matter how large the area for retractable screening is, installing them is a justified expenditure and long-term money saver, as they have proven to be an excellent protection against the elements.

Furthermore, motorized retractable screens improve your quality of life and the value of your home. By installing them, you are reducing the harmful UV rays and doing your bit to help preserve the environment.


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