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Custom Oversized Blinds and Shades Capable of Spanning over 40 ft

Motorized Blinds MarkhamTechnology has come a long way in the past century, but still today we have problems when it comes to covering large oversized areas with motorized roller shades. If you have shopped around many manufactures will insist that oversised roller blinds can not be done over 10 feet, well they are wrong. With specialized electric motors and precise fabrication RoseSun has built motorized roller shades that have spanned over 40 feet wide, and up to 22 feet in height.  In fact Rose Sun is one of Toronto’s best when it comes to the fabrication, instillation and manufacturing of oversised window blinds.

What Types of Blinds can be Made to fit Large areas?

Roller shades allow for the most extension in length or width, and the fabric can be seemed or made in one full piece to span the entire area you wish to cover. Depending on the width and length, a stronger electric motor may need to be used to power the blinds. Curtains can also be made to fit wide areas, RoseSun’s longest motorized curtain system spanned over 46 feet and was 22 feet tall.  In addition our motorized Solar screens for indoor and outdoor use can be made to span an even great distance.

Motorized Blinds Toronto

We here at RoseSun have also created oversized vertical and Venetian blinds. However these styles have strict limitations on height and width. We are able to manufacture Vertical blinds to span over 16 feet and a height of 12 feet. Venetian blinds are the most difficult to enlarge, but we have increased the length of Venetian blinds to fit tall standing windows.

If your house or business in in need of custom window coverings that span a large length or height be sure to give RoseSun Motor a call. There is no other manufacture in the Toronto area more qualified and experienced in building oversized blinds.

Contact or call 1-888-969-ROSE (7673) / 905-760-2992 or stop by and visit their showroom.


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