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Obtain a Comfortable Sunroom with Motorized Blinds

Sunrooms are wonderful in their ability to allow panoramic views of outdoor landscapes while offering protection from adverse weather, but they also have a reputation for becoming uncomfortably hot. Due to the fragile nature of the large glass windows, providing an exterior shade solution can be tricky and potentially damaging. Our ingenuity and attention to detail allows us to provide lightweight, durable, and attractive motorized shades to sunrooms. Here are some of the way motorized blinds will allow you to get the most enjoyment out of your sunroom:

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Decrease Built-up Heat

Sunrooms are notorious for getting incredibly warm, but with motorized shades you can keep temperatures comfortable using timers that are programmed to shield your sunroom during specific times of day. If you have multiple glass walls, as many sunroom do, your screens can be programed to retract and lower their shades to coincide with the changing angles of the sun. Unlike regular blinds, motorized blinds can be installed exteriorly, which substantially lowers the heat that accumulates inside. An overheated sunroom can effect the temperature of the rest of the house or make it a less enjoyable place to spend time. Our experts know exactly how to install exterior motorized shades to ensure they don’t become displaced during storms and high wind.

Provide Privacy

Though sunrooms are great for outdoor viewing, they also allow an unobstructed view to the inside. If you’d like a little bit of privacy, especially in the evening when the lights are on, then motorized shades can provide privacy or stay retracted and out of sight during times when they aren’t needed. If you’ve tried using standard blinds, then you may have already realized they are a poor choice for sunrooms due to their inability to work properly against slanted or tall windows. With our motorized blinds you can have a private space no matter the shape or height of your sunroom.

Offer Shade during Peak Sun Hours

Many people love using sunrooms as greenhouses or for housing tropical plants during colder months. Motorized shades can be used to offer areas of shade in your sunroom for plants that need a little less direct sunlight, or for yourself if you want to spend time in your sunroom but don’t necessarily want intense sun exposure. Using shades will also protect your interior from strong UV rays that could damage the colour and texture of upholstery, rugs, or plastic. Though many homeowners prefer to enjoy the sun in full force, having the option to create shade in your sunroom will make it possible to enjoy it even on the warmest days.

Many sunroom ceilings are made entirely of glass or feature skylights, making it impossible to use pull-string blinds to block out midday sun. Motorized blinds on the other hand, can be installed on the ceiling either interiorly or exteriorly, and controlled using a remote control or switch. Our casing colour options make it possible to make your motorized shades match perfectly to your home, whether applied indoors or outdoors.

Soften Blinding Light

Softening the light in your sunroom can make it possible to use it in ways you hadn’t thought of before, such as an office space or meditation room. If you want to reduce glare without having to use a permanent window film, then motorized solar screens or sheers are an effective way to reduce the sun’s blinding light. Sheer curtains or solar screens will allow plenty of sun to come through while taking the edge off by creating a softer light. Those who enjoy spending time reading or prefer taking their computer work to the sunroom can enjoy all the benefits of a sun without the glare with the touch of a button.

Facilitate Airflow

Airflow is another trick to keeping sunrooms from feeling stuffy and overly hot, and retractable screens can be made to fit seamlessly with any windows you have in your sunroom. Our screens make the perfect companion to your sunroom windows because of their ability to block out pests, decrease UV ray exposure, and offer privacy, all while allowing air to move through. We carry different mesh options depending on what level of airflow and UV protection you’d like to receive. Opening windows in the morning to let cool air flow in and then closing them once the temperature rises is a smart way of keeping temperatures down.

Sunrooms are often sought-after additions to homes and can be wonderful places to spend time and relax with friends and family. If you previously thought blinds defeat the purpose of a sunroom, hopefully now you see that with smart design, motorized window treatments can help maximize your enjoyment while making sure you never resent the sun. For more information on choosing the perfect motorized window treatments for your sunroom, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.


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