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Combine Motorized Vinyl and Motorized Screen for a True Four-Season Room

The patio is a wonderful place to gather and relax, and most homeowners use this space only when the weather is nice. The good news is that you can actually enjoy this space all year round because the combination of motorized retractable vinyl shades and motorized retractable screens will allow you to create a four-season room that can be used at all times.

The clear coating of the vinyl allows for temperature control and will not compromise natural light from the outdoors. Motorized vinyl shades are completely retractable, so you would be able to change a patio into an enclosed sun room and back easily with just the push of a button.

Motorized screens also retract with the press of a button and offer homeowners protection from the sun, pests and nosy neighbours. They are fully adjustable, so you can transform any living space into a comfortable environment that is enjoyable.

If you live in a climate that experiences all four seasons, you will benefit greatly from the combination of motorized vinyl and motorized screens. During the winter, these screens will help keep the heat in and the cold weather out without obstructing your view. You would be able to retract your motorized screen to enjoy your snow-covered yard, which can be very peaceful. You would be able to do this with a warm mug of tea in your hand and can watch your kids play in the snow or build a snowman from the comfort of your room.

The winter will not stop you from enjoying your patio because the combination of motorized vinyl shades and screens would allow you to use this space all year long. Once the weather starts heating up, you can lower your motorized screens to keep bugs out, all while enjoying the fresh breeze. Spring can also be very rainy, but you won’t have to worry because your vinyl shades would allow you to stay completely dry.

The weather is very unpredictable, but motorized vinyl shades and screens are very versatile, so you’ll never have to play any guessing games and can rely on the push of a button for comfort and enjoyment.

Your motorized vinyl shades would also allow you to enjoy the summer season because they help the air conditioning unit keep the room cool on very hot days. You can retract them in the evenings whenever the weather starts to cool down and can lower the screens if you want a beautiful sunset dining experience without any mosquitos.

You can have all of the advantages of the indoors and outdoors, and once fall arrives, you can sit back comfortably and watch the leaves change colour. Your retractable screen would protect you from windy weather while keeping the room warm.

If this is an idea you are interested in, the experts at Rose Sun Window Coverings can help. We will help you add comfort to any room or patio so that you can use it all year round and not just for a few months. For more information, contact us today!


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