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  • Combine Motorized Vinyl and Motorized Screen for a True Four-Season Room

    Motorized Screens

    The patio is a wonderful place to gather and relax, and most homeowners use this space only when the weather is nice. The good news is that you can actually enjoy this space all year round because the combination of motorized retractable vinyl shades and motorized retractable screens will allow you to create a four-season […]

  • Which Window Coverings can be Motorized?

    Motorized window coverings are rising in popularity, and with good reason. The convenience in enough for anyone to jump on the bandwagon, as is the affordable price tag that comes with it. As technology advances, the ease of day to day life increases quite a bit, so why not implement that with something as simple […]

  • Motorized Blinds Are Magical Window Treatments

    Automated Motorized Blinds

    Most people have window blinds in their homes to block light and protect their privacy. They are sleek, durable and easy to clean- making them a popular choice for many modern homes. But what if I told you that your blinds could do much more than opening and closing? Motorized blinds perform the same functions […]

  • Are Motorized Blinds Or Shades Right For You?

    Motorized Screens

    Are Motorized Blinds Or Shades Right For You? If you’re interested in motorized blinds or shades, you likely have a few questions and the following information will help you determine if this is a suitable option for you: Convenience This is a factor that will impact your decision, so consider this aspect. You will no […]

  • Why Buy Motorized Blinds?

    Motorized blinds and shades are highly coveted in homes today. With the addition of a motorized track or rod, they can take your home’s beauty, protection, convenience and comfort to new levels. There is no need to waste labour and time opening and closing blinds when a button can do it for you effortlessly. If […]

  • What to Consider When Choosing Motorized Shades

    Motorized Shades

    The versatility and convenience of installing motorized window treatments in your home create a wide variety of benefits that affect its appearance, energy savings and overall safety. It can be a small or large investment depending on how many windows you have and the size of them, but it’s an investment you should consider. To […]

  • The Advantages of Hunter Douglas Motorized Blinds

    Hunter Douglas is one of the most reliable window covering brands because they’ve mastered combining form with function. Their innovative materials, focus on design, and durability make them one of the best options for motorized blinds. Now homeowners are able to enjoy the Hunter Douglas blinds they’ve always loved with even greater convenience. If you […]

  • How Your Business Can Benefit from Electric Blinds

    If you haven’t considered motorized blinds for your organization, it’s time to start. The ease, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal of electric blinds make them ideal for many kinds of institutions. Our products are often used for restaurants, retailers, hospitals, hotels, and other commercial buildings. Here are just a few benefits that electric blinds can bring […]

  • Unexpected Ways of Using Motorized Blinds

    At a glance, motorized blinds might just look like a more convenient version of regular window treatments, but they have a surprising amount of uses. Aside from their obvious function of controlling how light enters the home, they can be used to improve different areas of your home, and your quality of life. Here are [...]

  • Motorized Window Treatments – Are They Worth it?

    Motorized window treatments – are they worth it? It’s a common question amongst shoppers before taking the plunge. If you’re looking for answers, try asking yourself some questions to gauge whether they will be worth it to you, your home, and your lifestyle. Chances are, there may be a couple of factors you haven’t considered […]