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Motorized BlindsRoseSun Home Automation Systems is the centre for motorized blinds, motorized shades and motorized Roller Shade products in the Toronto area. Rose Sun motorized roller shade technology offers its clients the cutting edge in automated roller shade products by providing the very best in motorized and automated window shade options. The Roller shade system provides both business and residential clients with the very best in elegance and function, and while Rose Sun does offer the option of installing manual blinds in your favourite design, the true mark of class and sophistication is in their automated systems.

Motorized Blinds

Motorized Roller Shade Products in Toronto from RoseSun

For the home, these beautiful decorative blinds provide not only an aesthetic solution to controlling your home’s brightness, but also make the best use of natural light and shading for your home. The ability to partially open and close your blinds at the touch of a button eliminates the touchiness of manual controls, and the quiet, smooth operation of the roller shade system sets itself apart from even the best of manually controlled blinds. The fully customizable fabrics and sizing means that your automated blinds will be the absolute perfect fit for your home.

Rose Sun is also able to offer their beautiful and convenient motorized window shade systems to commercial businesses in the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area. The remote control option for the electrically operated motorized blinds allows for even larger offices and businesses to control the light in the room with the touch of a button without ever having to leave your seat. The beautiful design is sure to impress clients and business partners alike, and the state of the art remote controlled automated window blinds are most certainly a welcome addition to any office, business, retail setting or restaurant.

The versatility and elegance of the Rose Sun motorized Roller Shade product is second to none, and the professionals at Rose Sun are dedicate to meeting and exceeding your needs and expectations for either your home or business. The change these beautiful motorized shades offer is truly amazing, and the personalized touch of class and elegance the electric roller shade system brings to your home or business will have you looking forward to coming to work, or heading home from the office. To take a free look at their products check out the videos on their YouTube channel here, or talk to the friendly professionals at Rose Sun to set up your quote and installation.


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