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Areas of the Home That Benefit from Motorized Blinds

Image of an elegant Motorized Blinds by Rose Sun Motor

Today, powered blinds are growing in popularity as homeowners look for ways to automate and increase the convenience of their home. When choosing window treatments, they should complement the function of each room, and powered blinds are versatile enough to enhance all areas of your house.

If you’re wondering how you could benefit from installing motorized blinds in Vaughan, Ontario, then continue reading to learn about how electric window treatments enhance different rooms in your home.

Motorized blinds for your living room

Your home’s living room is the area your family comes together to relax, unwind, and enjoy each other’s company. Motorized blinds help create a relaxing atmosphere both aesthetically, and functionally. They offer privacy, soft light, and allow you to get rid of glares on TV screens or tablets without having to get up from the couch. Movie nights or hosting company feels a little more special or luxurious when you have automated window coverings that give your room a blackout effect.

Whether your interior has a modern, traditional, contemporary or eclectic look, we have numerous styles and textiles to complement your theme. Though powered blinds operate using a motor, our colored casing options and professional installation give them a seamless appearance.

Electric blinds provide better light and privacy in bathrooms

Bathrooms need both good lighting for putting on makeup and getting ready in the morning, but they also demand privacy. Motorized blinds can offer plenty of bright, natural light while providing the privacy you need while using the space. Operating your blinds while soaking or in the shower is simple with wall-mounted or remote controls.

With motorized window treatments you can explore the full range of styles you normally would with pull-string blinds, such as cellular shades, roman shades, roller shades, and others. If your bathroom features a large window, bathroom skylights, or a smaller window, your treatments are custom made to fit the exact dimensions.

A more restful sleep in your bedroom

If you primarily use your bedroom for sleeping, then traffic lights, or street lamps, or neighbors porch lights can make it difficult to fall asleep at night. Motorized curtains or opaque screens make it possible to achieve a blackout effect that makes falling asleep easier. Using the timer settings, you can prevent oversleeping by setting them to open around the time you’d like to wake up.

Aside from your bedroom, you may have other dedicated rooms, such as an office or craft room that benefit from good quality. Honeycomb shades or sheers let in natural light that create stimulating environments that are great to work in.

A more comfortable sunroom

Sun rooms are great areas of the home to spend time in, but they have a tendency to heat up to uncomfortable temperatures during the warmer months. Automatic sunroom shades can increase the amount of time you use your sunroom by helping control the temperature. We have screens that offer UV protection, and keep temperatures lower by blocking out direct sun rays during peak hours.

Due to the fragile nature of sunrooms, installation can be tricky. We have expertly installed sunroom shades from the outside, by designing a lightweight and rustproof frame that anchored to the top of the house and rested upon support beams with the sunroom’s frame work. Our solution preserved the beauty and function of the sunroom, yet was sturdy enough to withstand any weather condition.

Image of outdoor screens in Vaughan and Toronto

Cool and breezy decks and patios

Motorized outdoor screens can also improve the way you use your outdoor space. We offer many different mesh options made to provide shade, UV protection, pest control, and breezes. With the right screens, lounging or entertaining is a lot easier when your decks and patios free from gusts, flying insects, or strong direct sunlight. Our outdoor screens work intelligently with wind and solar sensors, so they adjust automatically depending on your settings and the weather.

Our retractable screens can be seamlessly installed with french doors, arches, or other entryways and recesses. We can even match the shades and casing to the exterior color of your home for a customized look.

As you can see, all areas of the home can benefit from electric shades in different ways, and we know how different window treatments suit the function of each room. If there’s a room you want upgraded with motorized window treatments, contact us and we will help you find the perfect complement to your window.


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