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Achieving Outdoor Convenience with Motorized Blinds

Research shows that spending time outdoors is good for us, however, the outdoors just doesn’t offer the same comfort and conveniences we’re accustomed to. Imagine how much more time you’d enjoy spending outdoors if you could take some of the comfort of home and bring it outside? Well, with motorized blinds you can.

We’re not use to our outdoor spaces being as accommodating as our interiors, but motorized blinds are the answer to numerous outdoor inconveniences. With this one addition, you have an attractive and effective tool against unwelcomed weather, pests, and more. Here are some of the best outdoor shade solutions and how they’ll improve the time you or your visitors spend outside.

Outdoor Retractable Screens

Motorized Blinds Caledon
Retractable screens can be made to fit many of the different lounging or entertaining areas of your outdoor space such as patios, decks, breezeways or balconies. They’re also convenient to have in other frequently used areas such as garage openings, enclosed porches, or sliding glass doors. The addition of a retractable screen will immediately enhance your outside space not only by improving ambiance, but by providing privacy, offering UV protection, and keeping bugs at bay.

With motorized screens, you can choose from a few different mesh options to best suit your specific needs and preferences. Here are some of the most popular mesh choices:

  • Insect Mesh – This mesh offers the most air flow, so you’ll get pest control and cooling breezes without an obstructed view of your surroundings. This type of mesh offers 55% UV protection.
  • Privacy Mesh -This tightly woven mesh offers the most shade and privacy, however some airflow will be compromised. This mesh provides 90% UV protection.
  • Solar Mesh – If you still want to receive sun protection without sacrificing airflow, then the solar mesh would be your best option. Our solar mesh comes in varying airflow choices and reduces UV rays up to 75%. You also get the pest protection and privacy of the other two mesh styles.

Larger areas that need screens over 26ft can also be accommodated by simply adding an additional motor. Not only would this range be difficult to find with standard blinds, but they would be nearly impossible to maintain and care for outdoors.

Sun and Wind Sensors

Motorized Blinds Caledon

Another feature that makes motorized retractable screens the perfect outdoor shade solution is their compatibility with additional sun and wind sensors. Protecting your screens is made easy with the wind sensor that automatically retracts the screen once too much wind is detected. And with the addition of a sun sensor, your motorized screen will automatically lower when the sun shines. With such an intelligent sensor system, you won’t need to move from your lounge chair or put down your book in order to adjust your shades.

Outdoor Tension Shading

Motorized Blinds Caledon

If you want something that provides permanent shade and coverage for your outdoors, then tension shading is an attractive and durable option. You can create a canopied space over your patio and garden, walkways, or carports. They can be used for keeping intense direct sunlight off garden plants or used to provide a shaded pool area.

One of the best things about tension shading is the material it uses, which is durable, lightweight, and excellent at absorbing humidity and heat. Some of the material choices include:

  • Knitted polyethylene shade cloth – Provides protection from UV radiation while also absorbing heat and humidity
  • PTFE-coated glass fiber – A heat resistant material with properties similar to fiberglass

The customizable options are what really set tension shading apart from other overhead coverings. This way, you have the selection necessary to meet your exact needs. This kind of shade allows you to be as specific as want, as size, materials, and shape can be altered to your preference. There’s also the ability to import different materials if there’s something particular you want.

Arbor Shades

Arbors are popular canopies that provide ample airflow and pockets of sunlight and shade. Motorized arbor covers can help you create the perfect shady outdoor refuge for entertaining guests, sipping your morning coffee, or enjoying a summer meal. They offer a way of protecting precious plants from excess rain or sun, making it easier to control their growing conditions.

Retractable arbor shades are perfect for providing coverage over hot tubs or fire pits. With the ease of using a switch or remote, you can keep your fire pit dry from rain, then retract the shades when it’s ready to be used. Similarly, they offer the ability to protect hot tubs or seating areas from rain and debris while having the option to open them up for stargazing or sun basking.

For arbor shades, you can choose between UV screens (also called solar screens), block out styles, canvas, or waterproof materials. Solar screens are great for permitting airflow and providing UV protection while allowing plenty of light through, while other materials such as canvas or water wicking materials offer greater shade and keep your furniture dry.

When it comes to the outdoor advantages motorized blinds have over standard blinds, there really is no comparison. If you want to start enjoying your time outside more, then look into adding one or more of these options to your outdoor area. We can accommodate numerous structures of varying heights and dimensions such as porches, balconies, patios and more. Contact us and we’ll get started on creating your ideal shade solution.


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