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Why Buy Motorized Blinds?

Motorized blinds and shades are highly coveted in homes today. With the addition of a motorized track or rod, they can take your home’s beauty, protection, convenience and comfort to new levels. There is no need to waste labour and time opening and closing blinds when a button can do it for you effortlessly. If you are still undecided about whether to invest in motorized shades or blinds, here are some ways they will benefit your house:

Classy Touch

Motorized shades today come in several elegant designs that can fit the design scheme of any home effortlessly. Tugging at traditional blinds or shades to try to line them up to the same level can be annoying. Motorized blinds can move to the correct position with just one swift movement. You no longer have to deal with messy rope pull cords when it comes to traditional drapes either.

Instant Privacy

Most of us have encountered a situation in our homes where we needed privacy fast. Whether it’s to check on something in the middle of getting changed or jumping out of the shower quickly to answer a phone call, we all wished we could have shut our blinds with the press of a button. With motorized shades, you can do just that without having to walk right up to your window and fiddle with a closing mechanism.

Motorized Shades



If you have many windows throughout your home, manually closing and opening your blinds and shades can get tiresome in the long run. By opting to install motorized shades, you can calibrate them with a centralized control system. It allows you to lower and raise them with the touch of a button or at scheduled intervals.

Motorized Shades


Many motorized shades are part of a full home automation system, which means that you can control your shades or blinds remotely. It can help beef up your home’s security if you happen to forget to close your shutters when you leave for work. You can quickly close them with an app on your smartphone. It also gives you the ability to program your motorized shades to open or close throughout the day to make it seem like someone is home even if your house is empty.

Motorized Blinds creating security for your home

Energy Savings

Sun shining through your windows on a cloud-free day can cause your air conditioner to work overtime. You can install a sun sensor with your motorized blinds to signal them to close automatically when the sun’s rays are at its brightest. Not only are you saving money on air conditioning costs, but you will also be able to protect your furniture better by keeping the sunlight from scorching your upholstery.

Automated Blinds for Office energy savings

When it comes to motorized shades, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Our motorized window coverings can be made to custom fit your windows and will be seamlessly installed. Call Rose Sun Window Coverings today to get an estimate.


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