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What Should You Look For in Motorized Blinds?

So you’ve heard about the benefits of motorized window treatments and want to make the switch yourself. Now’s the time to start asking the bigger questions that will lead you to the best investment possible.  As motorized shades have gained popularity, there are more options than ever before – which can make the process a little more daunting. We’re here to help answer some of the questions you might be asking prior to investing in motorized window treatments.

Motorized Blinds

What kind of window treatments are motor compatible

A common misconception is that there’s a big limit on which window treatment styles can be motorized. However, due to our custom-made options and advancement of technology, we’re able to give a larger variety of window treatments motor compatibility.

Some of the styles we carry include roller shades, retractable screens, curtains or drapery, cellular shades, and sheers, to name a few. We have styles and materials made for all areas of the home, including conservatories and outdoor spaces. It’s also worth mentioning that our custom-made window treatments can be fitted to arches, skylights, and other  non-conventional window dimensions.

What are the control options with this motor?

As automated home features continue to expand, the technology used to control them has as well.  All electric window treatments can be controlled using a remote, but the style of treatments and remote you choose will influence the control options (for instance, some windows will have tilt or solar controls).  The convenience of a remote allows you to adjust your window treatments from any room in the home, without having to get up.

Tech and gadget lovers will be happy to know that we’ve also designed an app that allows you to control your windows conveniently from your phone, tablet, or computer.

There’s also wall-mounted control panels, which eliminates the concern over remotes becoming lost. These can be installed in each room, as well as a larger control panel where you can manage multiple different window from one spot.

How much noise can I expect from motorized blinds?

The word “motor” is often associated with noise, however our window treatments run smoothly and almost silently. This makes them ideal for bedrooms or other places that you want to worry about sleep disturbances or bothersome noises. Prior to purchasing, you can see a demo of the motor you choose to get a better idea of what kind of sound it emits.

Motorized Blinds

How are motorized blinds powered?

The strength of the motor is a key consideration when deciding what kind of window treatments you’ll be using. Most motors are electric, but run on different levels of voltage. There are several factors that determine what kind of motor is best for you.

One of the more common choices is a hardwired motor. Hardwired motors run on the alternating current (AC) of your home’s power source. Because hardwired motors run on higher voltage, they are best suited for heavier drapes and window treatments, as well as other systems like home theater screens, blackout curtains, or large windows.

For window treatments that don’t require heavy-duty power, you can go with lower voltage motors that run on DC currents (direct currents). These can either run on batteries or plug-in transformers that will convert alternating currents into direct currents. Don’t let the term “low voltage” fool you though, as our motors can still lift 130 pounds while running on lower voltage.

If you want to skip all the wires and plugs, there is a battery option. With battery-operated window treatments, there’s the advantage of not having to open walls for any rewiring in the home. Battery operated motors typically run on 12-volt DC, making them safe for operating in your home. Because the battery is already located in the motor housing, there’s no additional bulk.

How much do motorized blinds cost?

The truth is, there’s a lot of variables that influence the final cost of upgrading to motorized window treatments. Factors such as the kind of motor you choose, the shade, blind, or curtain material, measurements, and number of windows all play a part in the price outcome. Because of the large possibilities of cost, we’re happy to provide a free consultation and estimate. In order to draw up the best estimate, we consider all these factors, as well as installation feel for your specific project.

This should clear up a lot of initial questions you might have about choosing motorized shades, but we know other questions are bound to arise. We make ourselves available to answer all questions about our products and how we make them fit seamlessly into your home. Contact us today to set up a free consultation.


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