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The Do’s and Don’ts of Decorating with Motorized Window Treatments

There’s a lot to consider when choosing window treatments that will give your home the “wow” factor you’re after. Window shapes, angles of the sun, and existing furniture, are just a few of the conditions that need to be examined before making a decision. Electric blinds bring even more options into the equation that need considering, so here are some guidelines on how to decorate using motorized window treatments.

Motorized Blinds

DON’T mix styles

Even if you have windows of different depths and sizes, or with different degrees of sunlight, don’t mix different styles in the same room. Having different blinds or window treatments will create a hodge-podge look that will make your room appear smaller than it actually is. Sticking to the same type for each window will keep your theme cohesive and larger in appearance.

Custom electric shades make it easier to fit the same style in different sized windows, even skylights. If you have windows that let in a drastic difference of sunlight, then you can stick to one style while getting custom opacity levels for each window. This makes it easy to accommodate varying sunlight levels without compromising the look of your interior.

DO keep your natural light

With the right window treatments, it’s completely possible to have dramatic and beautiful shades while still letting in natural light. Lighting plays a big role in interior decorating, as well as how we use a space and the mood it creates, so you don’t want anything interfering with the natural light your windows let in.  You can take full advantage of natural light while still having impeccable style by using sheers or other lightly transparent window treatments, or making sure the timer is set to retract screens during full sun hours.

Motorized Blinds

DON’T hang them low

The quickest way to making your style look dated is by hanging curtains too low. If you want to give any room a grander appearance, then hang curtains above and out away from your window. Motorized curtains make it possible to hang them as high as the ceiling without losing the ability to open and close them. With our remote control operated curtains, you can open and close them  exactly how you’d like anywhere in the room, regardless of their height.

DO choose the right material

Fabric is more than patterns and colour (though those are obviously important!) When choosing the materials for your curtains or shades, you’ll also want to consider how much light you want blocked out, or whether they have other benefits such a noise reduction or insulation.

Honeycomb shades, for example, are made with an antimicrobial fabric and are more energy efficient due to their cellular shape. And materials like sheers look elegant while letting in soft, filtered light and allowing airflow. If you want something earthy, look into weaves, bamboo screens, or roman shades. There’s a lot to consider when selecting a material for electric window treatments.

We carry numerous colour options for fabric as well as varying opacities, so you can get privacy while still enjoying natural light. You’ll also want to consider UV blocking materials for areas like sunrooms, conservatories, or outdoor spaces.

Motorized Window Treatments

DON’T forget about casements

Casements are unique to electric window treatments and are just another component that can be customized. When choosing electric blinds, casings are what surround the motor, giving them that clean, seamless appearance. The right casing should blend into your interior or complement your theme in some way. We can customize your casements to make them match the color of your drapes or even an accent color. If your interior theme uses a lot of wood, we can match your casements to those as well. We can even make them barely noticeable, or look as though they are part of your wall or window by having them match perfectly to your interiors paint color.

DO hire a professional

If you’re trying to decide the best option for your home or business, don’t be afraid to consult a professional. Our tips should be helpful in your decision making process, but if you ever feel like you need extra guidance, we’re happy to help. We extend our services to the Toronto area and can provide a free estimate and consultation to answer any questions you might have on our products, services, and how to increase the style and functionality of your window coverings.


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