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Super Wide Shade

We can see more and more houses now using big sliding and bi-folding doors. These doors can provide an expansive view without posts dividing it. Most of these doors are both wide and high. These are very impressive door solutions. But they turned out to be a challenge in two fields. One is sun control, and the other is bugs.

Due to hardware limitations, many providers do not recommend shades wider than 10ft. So for wide doors, you end up requiring multiple shades. This will ruin the point of the wide door. Also, the light gaps will bring more heat and UV. Operating one by one is awful. If they are motorized, it is easier to operate, but wider motorized shades matching the door width are more fitting for this situation. Rose Sun has a unique design to build such a wide shade. For less than 24′ wide shade, Rose Sun has special tubing and hardware to build a full shade fitting for the door size. For door sizes wider than 24′, Rose Sun has special hardware and design to build shades up to 150ft wide. Width is no longer a challenge.

Retractable Screens

When these doors open, bugs and mosquitoes will easily enter the house. Rose Sun can build retractable screens to stop this from happening. We can build up to 24′ wide for the rolling up and down system. If the door is wider than 24′, Rose Sun has a unique design to build this screen up to 100′.  

Rose Sun also can build a sliding screen system for easy access. These systems are manually operated. A single unit can be 20′ wide. For wider than a 20′ wide door, we can use the double system to enclose 40′ width without posts.  

Combined Solutions

Rose Sun can provide a combined solution for the patio area for both the rolling-up screen and the sliding system. The sliding system is for the main entrance area and the rolling screen for other regions. The client will enjoy the fresh air together with the convenience of easy access.

In Rose Sun, operating is easy; just push a button! Width is not a problem; instead, it becomes a luxury.

A wide shade design can also be used for condo-wide window shading or screening. Due to an elevator’s limitations, the width of condo shades can not be wider than 126″.

Unique Design & Easy Transportation

Otherwise, it will not fit the elevator. But in Rose Sun, with our unique design, we can bring our system into the condo and build shades or screens much wider than 126″. We are not limited by elevators. We can build whatever width you need for your condo, shades or screens. In some situations, the client needs 100% blackout. Traditional shades need tons of side channels. In Rose Sun, we use only one shade and two side channels; you maintain your window view like nothing has changed. Again in Rose Sun, the super width shade in your condo is not a dream; it’s a reality!

In commercial settings, we can build a room divider. You do not need those heavy sliding door panels hanging on the ceiling like the ’70s solutions. With our retractable shading system, we can use solid fabric to perform as a good divider. When you are not using it, just lift it—no occupying any extra space! Again, width is no problem; we can build it up to 150″ wide.