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Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds & Shades – Improving on an Old Idea

Roman Shades have always been at the forefront of effective window coverings. Unfortunately, two things kept them from being the preferred window treatment for most homeowners; their weight, and their ever-lengthening cord. Today’s Roman Shades resolve both issues. Now constructed from modern light-weight fabrics that are equally effective at providing privacy and blocking sunlight, modern Roman Shades are available in an ever-increasing array of designs and options. In addition, modern technology has devised continuous loop clutched-cording to manage cord length and geared cording systems for managing oversized window panels.

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    • Cord Issues are a thing of the past
    • Better Fit – Fewer Gaps
    • Top-Down & Bottom-Up Options are Available
    • Privacy Panels can be Coupled with Transparency Panel
    • Fabrics are lightweight
    • Shades Maintain their Shape
    • Woven Wood Shades are Available

    The Power of Modern Technology Meets Window Coverings

    Advances in technology affect our lives in ways we are often unaware of. Window treatments, it turns out, are one example. Heavy, cumbersome, and often unmanageable fabrics of the past are being replaced by lightweight, tightly-woven fabrics that can provide UV protection, even when transparent. The addition of 


    these fabrics has been a boon to window coverings. Coupled with new advances in cylinder function and geared or clutch assisted cord management, today’s window treatments are far superior to those of the past.

    Manual Roman Shades – For a Consistently Crisp Look

    Old-style Roman Shades were extremely attractive, except when they weren’t. The constant action of lifting and lowering heavy fabrics deteriorated cords. Fabric weight also contributed to shifting, resulting in misshapen catastrophes. Today’s Roman Shades keep their shape, maneuver easily, and will provide years of attractive, reliable service.

    The Distinct Advantages of Roman Shades

    Fabrics & Material Choices are Unsurpassed: The biggest challenge when choosing window treatments is their aesthetic value. Needless to say, we would also like them to be effective at lighting control and privacy, but the bottom line is, if they don’t look good with our windows and furniture, we will choose something else. Today’s Roman Shades are made in Canada and are unparalleled for quality, innovation, and fabric alternatives ranging from woven wood to printed fabrics.

    New Functionality: Roman Shades now include flush-mount options. Today’s shades fit exquisitely within window casings, have little-to-no air gaps, and can be chosen for top/bottom operation, bottom/top operation, or both.

    Privacy and View:  One of the most amazing improvements in Roman Shades is the opportunity to include an sheer transparency panel behind a privacy panel. After raising or lowering the privacy panel to the desired location, simply utilize a second cord to raise or lower your “sheer” into place. Finally, Roman Shades that offer privacy AND a view!

    Woven Wood Fabrics


    Increased Functionality


    Transparent Back-Panels


    Extraordinary Workmanship

    Roman Shade installation is exacting, but not difficult. When mounted properly, Roman Shades provide nearly gap-free conformity to windows. Additionally, all operating mechanisms are conveniently recessed into attractive head or foot pieces, or flush-mounted into window facias, further enhancing your shade’s beauty. Modern Roman Shades are worth taking a second and third look at.