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Never Leave Your Seat with Remote Controlled Blinds and Shades

Remote Controlled BlindsWhether you’re looking for home or business, nothing makes using Rose Sun motorized products as easy as the remote controlled option. At home, closing the blinds to make sure the sun stays out of your eyes for that Sunday morning sleep-in (or afternoon nap) or simply adjusting the brightness of the living room from the kitchen is as easy as picking up the remote and touching a button; a convenient and easy method of controlling the brightness of any room in your home. No more getting up to close the shades or adjust the blinds; just point and push the button and control your home from the comfort of the

Automated Shades

Businesses like banks, retail stores and restaurants are being designed with more and more glass as both a thermal and aesthetic solution. With the advancements being made in modern glass construction, the motorized blind system offered by Rose Sun is the obvious choice. Adding the remote controlled option only adds to the convenience, and allows busy staff and employees to control the business atmosphere with ease. A popular choice with the restaurant industry, brightness and ambiance can be easily controlled at the request of your patrons without disturbing their meal. Simply adjust the Rose Sun shades or blinds from anywhere in the restaurant to provide the perfect dining experience for your guests. Banks and stores? Adjust the brightness of displays and avoid the conflict between natural and artificial light to ensure your displays are in the proper lighting, and that your customers and employees are comfortable and out of direct sunlight.

The vast array of beautiful and decorative motorized shades and blinds available through Rose Sun are easily complimented and customized through the remote controlled option. The nearly silent and efficient motors installed are easily controlled at the touch of a button, and the remote controlled option allows you to decide exactly where that button is. For remote controlled and motorized shades and blinds in Toronto, look no further than the remote controlled systems provided by Rose Sun.


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