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How to Give Your Home a Modern Interior

by | May 14, 2024

When we think of modern homes what comes to mind is simplicity and a perfect union of function and style.Though neutral palettes and clean lines are trademarks of a modern home, they don’t have to be devoid of personality or deprive the senses.

In a hectic world, returning to a soothing, clutter-free environment is often a welcomed change.  Here we’ll show you some basic principles of modern design, and different ways you can use them in your home.

Open Spaces

Open floor plans give modern homes that expansive, airy feeling we all love. An open concept allows more room for creating longer lines and clean, light-filled spaces. You can prevent your space from feeling too empty and sterile by using sheer window treatments on your largest windows. The natural light will give a warm and cozy ambiance to sparsely furnished spaces.

Smaller homes might not have the same potential for creating a large space, but by using only necessary furniture, reducing clutter, and choosing window treatments in light colors, you can make smaller areas appear much larger.


Modern homes are typically ahead of the curve in the tech department, with home automation features and the sleekest models of appliances and electronics.  But even if you don’t have the newest tech, you can give your home a minimalist modern look by tucking away countertop appliances, and keeping speakers, modems, and other things out of sight.

You can give your modern home a “wow” factor by installing electric window treatments. Motorized window treatments such as roller shades or honeycomb shades will stick to a modern theme with their clean appearance.


Every year keeping a home simple seems harder and harder, but it’s a trait that makes modern design enviable. You can start simplifying your interior by taking a simple approach to decoration and textures. Walls should be mostly bare, and any art chosen should also contain simple subject matter, with only a few splashes of colour.

The trim and details around cabinetry, doors, and windows should also be simple and without decoration. Upholstery, carpet, and area rugs should avoid busy patterns and embellishments, but rather feature colour-blocking or solid colours.


Another characteristic of a modern home is function. Modern homes are designed with predictable and efficient layouts that makes all furniture and appliances easy to use and access. An emphasis is placed on maximizing function, such as adaptable light fixtures, or using home automation capabilities with heating, cooling, and security.

Electric window coverings are a perfect example of combining function and aesthetic appeal: their sleek, cordless design creates an uncluttered look, and can be controlled with either a remote control or wall switch.

You can also increase function by eliminating furniture or items in your home that aren’t used. Decorative items are fine, as long as they don’t dominate the room.

Remember that achieving a modern space doesn’t require that you purge your possessions, or hire a house cleaner. As long as you prioritize order, live with less, and keep things simple and functional, you’ll create a modern space that is easy to to maintain and live in.