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Everything You Need to Know about Roman Shades

If you’re looking for a stylish, versatile window treatment that will stand the test of time, then Roman shades are one option you should explore. Since these shades can be made out different materials and almost any fabric, from wood to even sheers – you can find one to suit nearly every style and home.

Here’s everything you need to know about motorized Roman Shades so you can decide whether they’re a good match for your windows.

They’re Perfect for Areas Where Full Length Drapes Aren’t Feasible

If you love the look of draped fabric but have windows that are unsuitable for drapes, then Roman Shades are a great alternative. Windows in areas like the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or above window seats typically can’t accommodate full length drapes, but Roman Shades fit in those spaces nicely. Similar to curtains, Roman Shades can be made with any kind of fabric, so you can match them to other drapes or give them their own unique material.

They Have Blackout or Sheer Options

Because Roman Shades can function with a multitude of fabrics, you can achieve the light level you want by choosing materials with the right opacity. Sheer fabrics will provide privacy during the day while still allowing light to filter through, while more opaque materials will offer the best privacy and light coverage.

For a completely blackout effect, you can install your Roman Shades on the outside of your window frame, which will guarantee to cover any gaps between the edge of the shades and window frame. You can also pair them with curtains to really give you that “cave” effect while creating a trendy, multi-dimensional look.

They Offer a Wider Variety of Designs

Roman Shades offer a unique look to windows, but they also feature various other designs such as teardrop, flat panels, or loops. They can complement modern interiors with their straight, even lines and uncomplicated panels, or they can be made to have an “unstructured” that looks casual with a gentle curve at the bottom.

Their range of fabric options also make them appealing to anyone interested in interior design, such as wood, weaves, and other fabrics. For a truly unique look, you can customize them with your own fabric featuring any color or pattern you want.

Roman Shades are Motorization Compatible

Some of us remember when our beautiful Roman Shades remained closed all day, simply due to the inconvenience of reaching behind couches, over countertops, or other furniture. Today, Motorized Roman Shades make them super convenient and functional at the touch of a button. They can even be installed to operate in both up-down and down-up configurations. This increased functionality makes motorized Roman Blinds an exceptionally attractive window covering option.

Their Style is Timeless

If you’re of the opinion that Roman Shades are old fashioned, have a look at some of our images that show how far they’ve come over the years. Today, we can use any modern material (including lightweight woods and bamboo) to keep them looking up-to-date. Roman Shades been around for decades and continue to evolve, so if you’re looking for window coverings that will outlive trends and remain stylish for years to come, they’re a good option.

Motorized Roman Shades Are Safer for Pets and children

Many Roman Shades are made with numerous loose strings and rings along the backside of the shade. When pulled away from the shade, these strings create loops that can pose a hazard for children and pets. Some of the more modern Roman Shades designs or those made by large manufacturers, such as Hunter Douglas or Graber, are up-to-date with the latest safety standards regarding child and pet safety.

Switching to motorized Roman Shades can make them safer for pets and children by reducing cumbersome cords and strings.

When Roman Shades Aren’t the Best Choice

Due to their ‘stacked’ design that folds like an accordion when retracted, they create a “stack’ at the top of the window when raised that can block out sun or obstruct views. For this reason, Roman Shades aren’t considered an ideal covering for long, floor-to-ceiling windows.

However, newer Roman Shade options, like the products from Hunter Douglas, are made to roll the fabric up into a headrail, which removes the ‘stacked’ look. This keeps the excess fabric out of the way when your blinds are drawn up, but quickly accessible when you need them lowered. However, some people enjoy the look of the stacked of fabric, because it creates something of its own valance at the top of the window when it is raised.

If you’re in the Toronto area and interested in Roman Shades, we’re happy to show you the numerous options that exist or answer questions you might have. In the meantime, you can check out our page on Roman Shades to read more about their advantages.


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