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Do I Have Enough Window Depth For My Blinds

If you’re looking to purchase blinds for your windows, taking accurate measurements is essential for a good, custom fit.

Here are some steps you should take before ordering your new blinds.

Inside Mount or Outside Mount Blinds?

Inside mount blinds are installed inside the window casing. They are often used in combination with curtains, which are fixed outside the window frame. Inside mounts can look cleaner and more streamlined, but they do not block out as much light as outside mounts do.

Outside mounts are a popular choice for those who plan to have them as their only window covering. They are installed outside the window casing to extend past the window and provide maximum light control. Outside mounts may be your only option if your window is not deep enough for the blind mounting brackets.

Take Measurements For Inside Mount Blinds

Accuracy in your measurements is crucial for your inside blinds to fit perfectly. Here are three simple steps to get the measurements you need:

  • Measure the width of the window between the window frame in three places: across the top, middle and bottom. Note the narrowest width.
  • Measure the height of the window on the left, middle and right. Note the longest measurement.
  • Measure the depth of the window frame to make sure it’ll accommodate the width of the headrail. Each style of blinds will require different window depths, but as a general, horizontal blinds will require 1″ to 4″ while vertical blinds will need 3″ to 4″.

Before purchasing new blinds, you should always check your chosen blinds’ dimensions to make sure there is enough depth in your windows. If you are shopping online, the product listing should have mounting requirements that detail the minimum inside mount depth needed.

Compare this to the measurement you have taken, and make sure that there is at least enough surface for the bracket. If not, then you’ll have to choose another blind or perhaps consider mounting outside blinds.

Take Measurements For Outside Mount Blinds

Whether your window is too shallow for inside mounts or if you prefer greater coverage, outside mount blinds are a great option for more privacy. Here’s how you can get accurate measurements.

  • Measure the width and height of the window, including any frames or moulding around it.
  • Add an extra three inches to those measurements to accommodate for the headrail and optimum light control.

If there are obstructions, such as latches or cranks, that open into the room, you’ll need extension brackets to help the blinds extend further out to avoid them.

If you’re looking for custom blinds and shades to level up your home, then Rose Sun Window Coverings has got you covered. From automated blinds to traditional manual blinds, you can be sure to find the shading products you need. Contact us now for a free estimate and consultation!


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