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Decorating Windows Creatively For Any Aesthetic

One of the most exciting parts of becoming an adult involves having full control over your own home, including how you wish to design it. Home design is a big way to express your personality, and windows are one of the big ways to bring a design together.

Choosing window decorations can make or break room design, and are one of the best ways to tie a room together. Left bare, they throw off an entire design and ruin your efforts in the rest of the room. Therefore, finding the right accents are paramount to make sure you are matching the aesthetic you are going for.

Here are a few different ways you can use creative decoration to spice up any window.


Metal Coil Curtains

A minimalist mentality always believes that less is more, but it doesn’t mean you have to have the bare minimum for everything. Rather, minimalists are more concerned with simplicity rather than a necessity, opting for lower amounts of clutter and straightforward design cues.

Metal coil curtains are an excellent option for minimalist decor, as they fit the mentality by providing the appearance of window coverings without blocking too much of the light. Their metal design makes them chic and forward-thinking, as metal has become a staple in modern home design. It is also a critical portion of the industrial aesthetic, which tends to use bare metal wherever it can to give a raw, unfinished feel. Feel free to dress it with a functional curtain in case you wish to actually block light from the window.

Bamboo Shades

When you want to add a unique covering to your window that doesn’t fully block the natural light and is easy to clean, bamboo is a great choice. Its lightweight design with natural paler tones fits any bright room wonderfully and is subtle enough not to overpower a softer room.

An option that is bursting with personality, it fits delightfully into the Bohemian mentality. Whimsical is the name of the game with this aesthetic, which often features other bamboo furniture in its options, tying a room together nicely. Of course, bamboo also evokes a mental image of water, perfect for any coastal style. Its lighter colour is natural for the bright blue and white spaces.

Window Shutters

This classic type of window covering gives the feeling of being out in the country and can be either used purely for design or functionality. Aesthetic shutters are fixed in place and give the appearance of functional ones either as decoration to the side of the window or creating an atmosphere when permanently affixed over the window to give the classic shuttered lines of light on the walls and surroundings.

This type of covering speaks strongly of the country, whether it be through the American or European feel. Farmhouse and Meditteranean designs are tailor-made for shutters, as it was generally a cheap and effective way to ensure your home stayed safe from bad weather outside. Today, they are a staple in any country cottage and are an excellent choice when going for an authentic look.

Stained Glass Windows

When most people think of stained glass, they think dark and heavy colours with thick glass, usually in a church or cathedral. In fact, stained glass doesn’t have to be dark, but instead can be used as an accent for many different designs. Integrating a subtle stained glass piece into your window can elevate its design and add a touch of character to an otherwise plain design.

Stained glass accents are excellent in bright rooms that feature a small colour palette, continuing the coloured theme throughout the design. More traditional stained glass windows are a must in any medieval or old-world aesthetic, as they are a central focus that allows for an intricate and gorgeous design.


Who says window decoration has to be on the window itself? Although potted plants frequently sit on windowsills as a natural symbiotic relationship for allowing the plant to have sunlight, tall floor plants are another excellent staple as an alternative for window dressing, framing a window, and adding a touch of nature to any home.

When it comes to nature, a number of aesthetics come to mind, including the previously mentioned Bohemian and coastal varieties, whose naturally bright styles and dedication to nature are perfect fits for the plant life of all kinds. Many Asian-inspired aesthetics like those found in Japanese-style homes also rely heavily on plant-life, as they are generally centered around focus and composure while remaining simple and in touch with nature.

Motorized Blinds And Shades

Since motorized blinds and shades can come in such a wide variety of styles, this type of covering is suitable for any aesthetic depending on the material. Rather, this is a design choice for windows that are either too tall or out of reach to make manual manipulation unrealistic. Of course, motorized blinds are a great option on regular windows as well, depending on your style. These blinds are the standard for any home, and will easily fit into any aesthetic you choose.

Whatever the option, window coverings, and decorations are excellent opportunities to show off what you’re made of and make the most of your personality. Your home is your own now, and with the right choices, you can turn a blank slate into the ultimate expression of your personality.


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