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Why Customized Window Coverings Are the Way to Go

Motorized Blinds In Toronto

A common thought whenever someone thinks about blinds, are the cheap, drab, rental property or lease variety. Those stereotypical white blinds found in big box stores are the bane of anyone concerned with interior design, and probably the first thing to be replaced after a lease is signed. However, blinds don’t have have that boring white cheap sheet metal look. In fact, our motorized blinds offer a range of customizable options, from mounting and control options, to colors and materials.

Different ways you can operate your electric blinds

Unlike traditional blinds, that are operated with a pull string that is prone to tangling and getting stuck, motorized blinds remove one of the main annoyances that people have with blinds. Gone are the days of having to get up and tug at the string until it unsticks, then twist the rod until the blind position is just right.
Motorized blinds take the trouble out of adjusting blinds, providing easy electrical controls to meet your lifestyle or business needs.

Motorized blinds come in different systems: hardwired, plug in, RF radio frequency and battery operated. All are controlled from either a handheld remote control or a wall switch — with just a click, the window coverings magically open and close.

Hundreds of combinations

At one time or another, we’ve all been confronted with pull string blinds, and that’s probably the reason why most of us cringe at the thought of installing blinds. But unlike traditional pull string blinds, our motorized blinds can be customized to match any decor. Since we manufacture our own blinds, we can customize the color, fabric and mounting method.

Custom colors to match your interior

For colors, we offer 9 basic colors and 15 wood grain finishes to match your color scheme. If none of these colors work for you, we can easily customize them for you. You can even bring or send in a color palette sample, and we will be happy to accommodate you.

Custom casings for a seamless appearance

Unlike traditional blinds that are always visible hanging over a window, our blinds can be incorporated into existing decor to provide a seamless look with your windows. Our blinds can be mounted in two different ways, either in a traditional casing, or encased into existing architectural mouldings, so that your blinds can descend from the ceiling and retract without being seen. This way you’ll be able to have blinds when you need them, and they’ll be out of sight when they’re not in use.

Custom Fabrics

One of the best features our blinds offer is the ability to customize the fabric according to your needs. For outdoor retractable screens, we offer insect mesh, privacy mesh and solar mesh. These different types of fabric allow you to customize your blinds according to how much light and breeze you want to come through, depending on your preferences. For instance, if you’re looking to block out the sun, our Solar mesh offers the best UV protection, so that you can block out the sun as you would with traditional blinds. However, if you’re simply looking for some privacy, you can choose our privacy mesh, which allows more sunlight to go through, but still prevents people from looking in from the other side.

We also have different transparency options for indoor window treatments. Whether you want the ability to completely block out the light, or want lots of natural lighting with sheer panels, we provide those options and everything inbetween.

Custom Window Treatment Sizes

There are many situations that call for custom size blinds, such as narrow panels for a bay window, or extra long blinds for oversized panoramic windows. Skylights, outdoor arches, and sunrooms also need screen solutions that are custom made to fit perfectly.

Our window treatments can be customized to cover any shape and size, and our motors are strong enough to operate on the largest of windows. Unlike traditional blinds that come in predetermined lengths, our blinds can cover unconventional shapes, so that they fit just right.

If you’re considering purchasing motorized blinds in Toronto, don’t go with the drab big box store blinds. Give us a call and explore your options. You’ll see that our motorized blinds will be able to fit whatever style you’re trying to design, no matter what the shape and size of your windows.


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