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Custom Window Treatments

The recent trends in window treatment automation have prompted both residential and commercial property owners to adopt modern and personalised window treatment solutions. At Rose Sun Motor Tech we recognise the convenience, safety, and beauty that automation of window coverings provides. We make it our mission to keep you updated of the latest products available and at the same time offer more a personalised solution tailor made to suit your unique building requirements.

We have made our mark in the custom window treatment market by providing high quality customized window covering solutions that include the following:

  1. Motorized Blinds
  2. Motorized Shades
  3. Motorized Skylight
  4. Motorized window screens
  5. Motorized drapes

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The main attraction of motorized window treatment over the traditional and manual window treatments is the ability to control those hard to reach windows. Motorised window treatments for instance give you the convenience of control by enabling you to manipulate the windows coverings at the touch of a button without moving a leg.

Motorized widow treatments can be controlled by a wide range of devices that include; wall mounted switches, remote control, timers and wireless devices.

It is always advisable to incorporate window treatment design specifications when planning for new buildings. Our dedicated technicians are available to offer professional advice during building construction and a installation of window treatments. At Rose Sun Motor Tech we also provide automation and modification to the existing manual window treatment systems.

We take pride in being the best providers of the popular custom window coverings solutions like custom motorized blinds, custom motorized shades, custom motorized drapes etc.

Custom Motorized Blinds in Toronto

Our automated custom blinds provide you with unmatched convenience and privacy, with the ability magically to control room ambience and lighting tone with a simple touch of a button. Our technical team have unparalleled experience and expertise and will comfortably design and install even oversize windows. We provide high quality products from manufacturing to installation and maintenance service.

Rose Sun Motor Tech has a lot of experience and expertise with the installation of wide and oversize blinds, and this has made us to be the best in the Greater Toronto Area. Our technicians can create custom motorised blinds that span out long distances and heights, even up to 40 feet wide and 22 feet high.