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Best Insulating Electric Window Coverings

Now that winter is here, you may have felt the drafts creeping in, especially around those large bay window, skylights, or other picture windows. What you may not know, is that shades are actually an excellent way of adding extra insulation and energy efficiency into your home, and customized electric window coverings make it possible to dress even your largest, highest placed windows.

Here are some motor compatible window coverings that offer some of the best insulation:

Roller Shades

The US Department of Energy has described window shades as the simplest and most effective way to save energy with window treatments. To get the most out of shades as a heat retainer, proper installment makes the biggest difference. You’ll want to have your shades mounted close to the glass, and as close to the adjacent wall as possible to create a tight seal. With this type of installation, you can minimizes both heat gain and loss.

You can increase the effects even more by using shades with two layers of fabric, using a light colour on one side and a darker one on the other. You can reverse these colours based on the season switching to the light side to reflect heat in the summer and using the darker colour to absorb the sun’s warmth during winter.

Our roller shades come in oversized lengths, and be customized to fit any shaped window. So if you have small, large, or other unconvention shapes, we can custom make them to fit seamlessly into your home.

Honeycomb Shades for Insulation

Cellular shades are one of the most insulating window treatments available, due to their “honeycomb” like structure. These shades feature rows of stacked hexagon-shaped air pockets. When they shades are pulled up, the rows collapse and take up very little space. When extended, they draw in air that form little compartments.

Some honeycomb shades come in two or three-cell pleats, increasing their insulating capabilities. One design in particular,, the Duette Architella by Hunter Douglas, involves putting one hexagonal cylinder inside an enclosing one. These extra insulated window blinds achieve an insulation value of R-7 or higher.

What makes motorized Hunter Douglas shades so great is that they can be used on large and difficult to reach windows that often let in the biggest drafts. Their minimal, clean design make them a great match for modern and contemporary homes.

Roman Shades as Insulating Window Blinds

The stitched cloth design of Roman shades make them another great insulated window covering.  These coverings consist of several layers of fabric that cover your windows when extended, and easily fold up when retracted.

Our automatic Roman shades come in customisable fabric and colour options, so choosing a thicker, material will make their ability to retain heat that much better. Roman shades can also be made of lightweight woods, bamboo, and other weaves can be used to create a stronger barrier against drafts.

If you want a flawless seam with your window frame, customizable colour and material options that give your home a contemporary look, then Roman shades are a versatile choice.

Use Heavy Drapes for Buffering Drafts

If you love the look of curtains or drapes, they can also be used to reduce drafts in your home. For insulation purposes, the heavier and thicker the fabric the better. The advantages of using a motorized track for heavy drapery is that they can be difficult (and time consuming) to open and close on your own.

Motorized tracks can hold extremely heavy loads while also operating almost silently. Though drapes can work with any window, they are especially ideal for floor-to ceiling windows, or where multiple windows need to be covered at the same time. No matter how high they’re placed, remote or switch controls make them easy to use.

Use Shutters for Insulation and Weather Protection

If you’re looking for some heavy duty insulation, and perhaps protection from adverse weather, then window shutters are a good option.

Good quality exterior shutters can create the best possible window insulation solution. Some of the additional benefits they provide are:

  • Protection from wind and storms
  • Provides extra security
  • Doesn’t take up any indoor space
  • No thermal shock to windows if left closed.

Using solid shutters decreases both heat loss during the winter as well as summer heat gain. These insulating shutters consist of wood panels, and a vapor barrier. If you fit them tightly against a window frame, they’ll provide an insulating air space between the shutter and the window.

If you’ve been considering window treatments as a way of adding an extra layer of insulation to your home, then these are some of your best options. If you have any questions on using window treatments for improved insulation, we’re happy to help.


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