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5 Interior Styles You Can Achieve With Motorized Blinds and Shades

Motorized Blinds

When trying to achieve a particular interior style, the way your window is dressed can either make or break the flow of your design. If you want to keep your theme cohesive and achieve an impressive custom look, then motorized shades and blinds are your best option. Here are some interior styles that can be enhanced by using the right kind of window treatments:


Minimalism is an interior trend that has seen a boom in popularity recently. This style makes great use of space and focuses on sparse and streamlined design elements. Minimalism places an emphasis on reducing clutter, so having bulky blinds, pull cords, or large drapes would distract from the desired look. To stay within this interior style without sacrificing comfort and livability, then motorized roller shades would be a great option. These shades have a very simple and clean appearance when being used, and when drawn up they’re almost completely out of sight, making them perfect for minimalistic interiors.

Art Deco

An important element in this theme is layered lighting, which helps create the right kind of mood associated with Art Deco. In order to achieve an Art Deco atmosphere, it’s important to have shades that can help create a warm glow or ambiance, such as honeycomb shades or something with a sheer fabric. Stylish and contemporary motorized blinds enhance the look of Art Deco style much better than standard manual blinds. You can also complete your Art deco interior by getting custom made fabric motorized curtains to go along with your color scheme or patterns that are characteristic of Art Deco style.

Chic and Modern

If your aim is to outfit your home in modern luxury, nothing is more cutting edge than motorized shades. The straight lines and sleek design accompanied with new technology makes them the perfect window treatment for chic homes with modern interiors. Hunter Douglas shades have clean and smooth silhouettes that will complement modern homes and can be customized with different fabric color options. Many homes with a modern architecture also feature very large windows that require custom shades to fit, and Rose Sun Motor can custom make shades or blinds to fit windows of any scale.


If your interior takes inspiration from the environment of the Arizona and New Mexico areas, with earthy tones and subdued colors, then you can use your shades or blinds to bring wood into your design. With motorized Roman shades or blinds, you get the beauty of woven wood and the convenience of the latest technology. Wooden shades or blinds create a warm setting and work wonderfully with other natural textiles, such as stone or leather that are often featured in Southwestern design.


Characterized by the use of natural materials and rich earthy colors, Moroccan inspired interiors need the right kind of window treatments that won’t distract from the theme. You’ll want to use ornate and richly colored curtains for this style, and with motorized track curtains you won’t have to sacrifice modern luxury for Moroccan elegance. Rose Sun Motors even has a custom fabric option that allows you to match your color scheme perfectly. With motorized curtains, you’ll be able to enjoy beautiful curtains with the convenience of a nearly silent motor.

By now it should be clear that when trying to achieve a particular interior theme, motorized blinds and shades can do wonders to enhance numerous styles. Whether your goal is to create a contemporary, traditional, modern, or vintage atmosphere, there’s a blind or shade to suit your individual taste.


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