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How Window Blinds Automation Is Changing Life at Home

Motorized blinds

Home automation might seem like a trend, but rest assured it isn’t going anywhere. The Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly expanding to include more objects in the home, from your deadbolt to your showerhead, and your window treatments.

So whether or not home automation is something you’ve come to accept, the research shows people want more. In fact, Eighty-one percent of people who already have smart home products say they are “more likely to buy a home if smart technology was already installed,” according to a survey.

With home automation growing so quickly, there’s a lot to look forward to. Here are some ways that automative features, including window blinds automation, are making life more convenient.

Automated lighting

You may have started out with Wi-Fi thermostats like the nest or Ecobee, or smart lighting like Phillip’s Hue, but even these basic automative products have become more advanced. Aside from dimming and turning on or off with a mobile app, you can now create different colour combinations. You can also schedule them to gradually brighten in the morning, giving you a more pleasant way of waking up. Controls can now be synced with Amazon’s echo, so you can control every light in the house using a centralized system that responds to voice commands.

Window blinds automation

Automatic Window treatments are now becoming more popular in homes, not just reserved for luxury hotels or businesses. Motorized blinds can be set to open and close on a timer, so they anticipate your needs or make it look like your home is occupied while you’re away. Aside from remote or wall mounted controls, you can adjust them from your phone or tablet using their control app.

Window blinds automation already uses one kind of sensor technology: solar sensors. With a sun sensor, you can set your shades to open when the light hits them in the morning, making waking up a lot easier and far more pleasant than using an alarm. You can also set them to close when receiving sunlight, to protect carpet and furniture from sun fading.

Better security

It’s easy to get obsessed with home automation once you’ve experienced the convenience of features like smart locks, which allow you to lock and unlock your home while you’re away. You can even set your door locks on a timer, or have them automatically lock behind you when the door closes. You can also use a digital passcode for situations when you’ve forgotten or lose your keys, or need to give someone access to your home while you’re away. With so many options that provide greater security and convenience, it’s hard to argue against it.

Sensor technology has really taken home automation to a new level, especially in regards to security. With strategically placed sensors, you can receive notifications anytime a door or window opens, or where there’s movement in the home.

If you’re taking a trip away from home, you can receive real-time notifications that allow you to respond immediately, either by calling the police, checking security cameras (if you have any) or asking a neighbor to check things out.

Think of the home security bonus you get with WiFi lights, too. When you’re away, you can make it look like you’re home by turning on lights with one touch in an app.

Protects your home from leaks

But aside from threats of burglary, you can also place moisture sensors that notify you of any leaks. You can place them near pipes, washing machines, or bathrooms. As soon as the sensors detect water where it shouldn’t be, you’ll be the first to know. Flooding basements, for instance, are a lot easier to deal with when you find out about them immediately — not when you arrive home from work.

Remember to protect your connective devices

When a good chunk of your home operates using your wifi, security becomes a concern. Worries about hackers tapping into your network are justified, although it’s not a common occurrence.

Though home automation is quite secure, it isn’t completely impenetrable. If you’re worried about hackers getting into your smart home, there are plenty of ways you can keep them out. There are also many services that offer encrypted connections for their customers, giving you an added layer of protection.

What’s next?

As The Internet of Things continues to grow, we expect home automating to touch nearly every aspect of home life. Voice command technology is already being used with google home and amazon echo, and motorized shades are just one of many home automation features that will take advantage of voice command.

If you’re new to home automation, you’ll find that they give convenience to our home life in ways you didn’t realize you wanted or needed! The future will bring an increase in combination sensor products. Gradually, the multi-sensing home automation devices will better “understand” the patterns and context of how we live in our homes — and then adjusting.

For information on motorized window treatments and their home automation capabilities, contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.


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