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Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space With Motorized Retractable Screens

by | May 14, 2024

Our new retractable outdoor screens create the perfect recipe for an ideal outdoor retreat: fresh air, protection from insects, privacy, and shade from the sun when you need it. Adding motorized retracting screens to your deck, porch, patio, or any other outdoor area can change it from a mediocre space to a welcoming outdoor retreat.

Here are some of the many ways adding retractable screens to your doors and windows can upgrade your outdoor space:

Blend Your Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Retractable screens aren’t just compatible with windows and breezeways, but they really shine when used for doors. Motorized retractable screens are custom built for each project, so they can be made to fit seamlessly with any size opening and door style, including:






    Sliding doors

    Convenient Motorized Controls

    If you haven’t guessed, a big perk of electric retractable screens is the sheer convenience of using them. For large outdoor spaces that will need multiple areas covered, manually opening and closing them is a bit impractical. Motorized controls allow you to open and close window and door retractable screens with the touch of the button. Whether you’re entertaining, lounging, or in the middle of enjoying a meal outside, you can give yourself privacy, block a glare from the sun, or eliminate strong gusts without having to move from your spot.

    Matches Your Style

    Because our retractable screens are uniquely built for each order, we can match the exterior of your building for a custom, seamless appearance. Retractable screens are compatible with numerous building materials, such as brick, wood, stucco, stone, and can be made to match by choosing a custom colour or one of the many wood grain options available.  After professional installation, your retractable screens will look as though they were made with your home.

    Retractable screens also have different secure closure options such as latch and release, or magnetic closure depending on your preference.

    Privacy When you Want It

    One of the greatest features of retractable screens is the ability to switch between having privacy or unobstructed views whenever you want. Walls and other fixed barriers might offer privacy, but they also block breezes and can make an area feel too closed off.  Retractable screens are the superior option because they offer the flexibility of being there when you want them, and disappearing when you don’t. By using a privacy mesh, you get the best of both; the feeling of seclusion without blocking your view of your surroundings or sacrificing air circulation.

    Control of Your Environment

    Retractable screens give you better control over your environment, helping you to create the ideal environment for lounging, eating, hosting parties, or sun bathing.  Some of the ways you can control your environment include:

    • Wind Resistance: While meshes let breezes come in, retractable screens are strong enough to resist and buffer wind and gusts.
    • Keep Insects Out: Forget about dealing with pests like wasps, flies, mosquitoes and other insects.
    • Shade Your Space: Stay comfortable even on the warmest days with shade and UV blocking mesh.

    By choosing among different materials, such as mesh or vinyl, you can get better solar heat control, ventilation, and protection from insects. Solar mesh can reduce heat significantly and protect furniture or carpeting from fading.

    Keep Your Outdoors Cooler (or Warmer)

    Retractable screens help regulate your outdoor living area temperature  in a few different ways, depending on the materials used. By choosing solar mesh, you can keep your spaces open to cooling cross breezes while also shading from intense sunlight.

    If you want to enjoy your outdoor space during winter, then you can seal your space with clear vinyl panels. These screens keep your area warmer and protect your from the cold, rain, or snow. Vinyl screens can be added by themselves, or as part of a dual roller system that lets you choose between the vinyl or other mesh options. With both options, you’ll have the perfect transitional living space to enjoy yourself or entertain guests throughout the year.

    So, if you want to upgrade your outdoor space and make it seem like an extension of your indoor living area, try outdoor screens.  Just adding retractable screens to your outdoor areas can help create an ideal environment for relaxing, recreating, or entertaining family and friends  year round. If you have any questions on how retractable screens can be custom made to fit your outdoor space, contact us and we’ll be happy to give you more information.