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Top Window Treatment Decorating Trends

by | May 11, 2024

Nothing quite completes, or says “well-designed room” as window treatments. If you haven’t experimented with the effects of different drapes or shades, or haven’t moved on from flimsy blinds – you’re missing out! If you want to shed some new light on your space, then consider some of these window treatment decorating trends:

Multi-layered window treatments

Don’t assume you have to choose between either drapes or shades, because combining the two has become very popular. Drapes coupled with shades creates a cosy layered look, and provides double the insulation. It’s also great for completely blocking out the sun if you prefer total darkness at night. Electric window treatments can be installed to function both vertically and horizontally, so pairing multiple window treatments for a cozy layered look is achievable with electric window treatments.

Contrasting texture

Because window treatments can be made using a variety of textiles, they’re perfect or adding textural contrast to your home.  Wooden or woven Roman blinds are one example, which also provide a nice insulating effect. Velvet, linen, or woven drapes are another example of how you can introduce different textures into your design.

When working with contrasting textures, it’s important to stick with a neutral  palette, or stay within the same family of colors. Having both texture and color contrast can create too many visual distractions that will keep your room from looking cohesive.

Matching casings

Casings are the part of your blinds or shades that surround or “house” them when they’re retracted. They’re often an overlooked part of window treatments, and a wasted opportunity to match them to your interior design. If your casings don’t match, they can be distracting or look out of place, which is why matching or custom casings are becoming so popular.

Casings can be made to come in woodgrains, metallics, or different colors. If your interior color scheme is very unique, casings can be painted to match.

Motorized blinds

Part of the growing trend of home automation has been electric window treatments. Automated window coverings can be set on a timer, or used with a remote control, wall switch, or using your smart phone. Automatic window treatments create a luxurious feel that is hard to replicate with any other kind of window covering. They’re also perfect for modern interiors.

Motorization can be added to every kind of window covering, including curtains and standard blinds. Because they can be customized to fit any size,  they’re well suited for large, or hard-to-reach windows.

Jewel toned curtains or roman shades

Instead of sticking to neutrals or making window treatments blend in the background, more people are using jewel tones to make them pop. Vibrant colors will make your windows more of a statement and a key feature in your interior design. Though drapes and curtains are the most popular choice for bold colors, roman shades are another option.

Color blocking window treatments

Color blocking is the use of alternating contrasting blocks or panels of color, popular in modern or minimalist interiors. Color blocking has become super easy with curtains that come with color block prints. When color blocking, be mindful of the colors you choose and what effect they will have on the space. For instance, red can be very energizing, but also agitating if your mind is restless, while blue tones are relaxing.

The windows in your home take up a large amount of space, so when it comes to giving your space a polished look, the right shades really make a huge difference. We hope these window treatment decorating trends have gotten your creative juices flowing, or provided inspiration for your next window update. If you have any questions about how motorized window treatments can be combined with any of the above trends, we’re happy to help.