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Tips Prepping Home Market

by | May 14, 2024 | Uncategorized

Once you’ve decided to put your home on the market, you begin to realize all the little details involved in making your home picture-perfect to potential buyers. Since most people make their purchasing decisions on that first gut feeling they get when they walk into a home, the details matter – big time.

In order to get the best offers, you need to put your house in the best possible light. The following tips will help get your home in selling shape and increase its appeal in the marketplace.

Depersonalize to make your home look neutral

If you’re selling your home while living there, you need to clear extra clutter as much as possible. Anything that distracts away from the selling features of your home will need to be boxed up and stored.

Start by packing up your photographs and other things that leave a big imprint on your personal taste. You want your home to look as neutral as possible. The idea is to make a potential buyer imagine this as their new home, not as guests in yours. You want your house to look like a blank canvass for buyers, where they can imagine themselves living.

Consider renting a temporary storage unit

If you are selling while still living in your home, you can make things less complicated by renting a temporary storage unit. You’re going to need to pack up your place anyway, so you may as well get all the unnecessary items out of the way during the selling process.

Not only will this give you a head start on packing, but it’ll make your home look roomier and will make showing your home less stressful. You’ll have fewer things to clean and “tuck away.”

Clean thoroughly

If you’re selling your home unoccupied you’ll have the advantage of it looking more spacious, but it also makes little details more noticeable, such as chipped paint around doorways or carpet stains.  This is the time to wash the bottoms of doors that might be discoloured from mud and dirt, wash windows, touch up paint, have the carpets cleaned and wash dirt or grease from doors and walls.

Consider staging your home

If you’re selling your home unoccupied, many realtors say you can sell your home quicker and at a higher  price by having it professionally staged. Staging is basically bringing in beautiful furniture and home decor to make it look straight out of a magazine.

What staging does is it creates a vision for those touring the house. It’s especially helpful if you feel your home needs an extra boost in appearance, or you want buyers to see its potential.

According to the Real Estate Staging Association, professionally listed staged properties spend 73 percent less time on the market; typically sell for more money; and have fewer concessions requested of the seller.

Take care of minor repairs

Now is the time to fix that leaky tap and those damaged baseboard that you’ve been putting up with, because  prospective buyers are often looking for something “turnkey.” While your home may sell with pending repairs, the best way to get top dollar for your home is to ensure that your home is move-in ready.

With all the effort involved in moving, the last thing that a buyer wants to see is a home that requires minor repairs once they move in. Also, attend to any structural, electrical, plumbing issues or else you could risk your inspection not going smoothly.

Increase the curb appeal

Obviously, the first thing that people see when they drive up to your home is the view from the street. Go outside and look at your home, does it seem inviting and welcoming? An unkempt yard can give your home a neglected look, so keep it free of debris, trim unruly plants, and hose off areas of the porch or house that have become dirty.

Taking the extra steps to get your house in selling condition can make the difference in how long it stays on the market and what kind of offers you receive.