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There’s a lot to consider when choosing custom window treatments, such as the primary function the window treatment should serve, as well as how they fit in with the overall aesthetics of your space. You’ll also want to think about the times of day you use each area, what the climate is typically like, or which direction your windows face.  Just as each room has different shading needs, there is a shade design to suit each one. Custom motorized window treatments make it possible to meet the specific needs of each room while maintaining a cohesive look throughout your home.

Here are some motorized window treatment ideas for each room:

Window Treatments for Living Rooms

Window treatments aren’t just for enjoying from the inside of your home; those looking from the outside will also be able to see any broken blinds or disheveled curtains. If you’d like to improve the appearance of your home from the outside, then you can choose a more decorative option for curb-facing windows such as roman shades, or motorized curtains. Windows that face the front of the home are often ones where privacy is a main concern, but by using a timer, you can set them to close after a certain time so that privacy never becomes an issue.

Sheers are another popular choice because they create an open and breezy atmosphere. Sheer blinds and panels offer privacy while letting in plenty of light, making them great for frequently used areas of your home or north-facing windows. To make your windows and room look bright and open, match the colour of your motorized curtains or sheers to the colour of your walls. For contrast or an energizing burst of colour, you can take advantage of our customizable options and select a colour or fabric for textural contrast.

Window Treatments for Bedrooms

Shades and curtains are great for achieving a blackout effect that’s highly desirable in bedrooms, nurseries, or east and west-facing windows that tend to receive strong, direct sunlight. Light that creeps in from street lamps, porch lights, or neighboring homes can easily interfere with a good night’s’ sleep, but roller shades or blackout curtains make it possible to block out intrusive light. Those who work graveyard shifts can benefit enormously by using blackout shades to sleep during the day or parents of small children who struggle to nap in broad daylight.

Curtains and their attractive appearance offer more control over adding a decorative touch to bedrooms. Our motorized curtains run on near silent motor, so they won’t disturb others who are sleeping, and with their remote controlled option, you can adjust them right from your bed. Our curtains can be made to fit any length, so you won’t have trouble with vaulted ceilings or accommodating different sized windows.

Window Treatments for Kitchens

Good, natural lighting is always an asset in the kitchen, so this is another area of the home where sheers would be a welcomed addition. Motorized sheers work wonderfully in the kitchen, eliminating the risk of snags and making it possible to close and open them hands-free, which is a big bonus while cooking! Motorized sheers can be made to fit any scale window, so you can have them installed over sink windows, sliding glass doors, or any other sized window.  If a bright and airy window treatment is what you desire in your kitchen, then motorized sheers are your best option.

Window Treatments for Outdoor Areas

Outdoor living areas such as patios, decks, and verandas are popular for motorized blinds, and it’s not hard to see why. The main function of these spaces are to facilitate relaxation, which means you’ll want to eliminate disturbances that could interfere with leisure. The right shades will not only provide privacy to outdoor areas, but they’ll solve problems such as intense sunlight, pests, or gusts of wind. Motorized retractable screens are a solution that’s practically hands-free. These screens allow cool breezes to pass through while simultaneously offering privacy and protection of the sun and insects. You’ll find yourself enjoying more time outside with almost no extra effort, a simple touch of a button on your remote control will help provide your own outdoor refuge.

Window Treatments for a Conservatory

Though conservatories and sunrooms provide a great space for panoramic views outside, the option for shade can be highly desired in the afternoon, especially in the middle of summer. We offer sunroom shading options that provide the relief you need without sacrificing the main function of the room. Motorized conservatory shades can even be installed on the ceiling, so you can get the shade you need in places that would normally be out of reach. We make sure to install our shades so that they fit seamlessly with the structure and design of your room.

Choosing the right kind of motorized blinds for your living space can have a big impact on how well your rooms are being utilized. We’re committed to helping our customers choose the best window treatments for their needs. If you have any questions on any of our products or how they’ll fit into your home, contact us and we’ll be happy to provide answers.