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Super Wide Window Shades

Just because you have a big window in your home doesn’t mean you have to cover it with an ugly and standard mini-blind. There are plenty of options to give your windows the treatment they deserve! We will cover five hacks for dressing up your jumbo windows with extra wide window blinds, but there are many other ways to treat this common problem. If you’re not happy with the look of your large window, here are some ideas for how to change that:

Play with patterns and textures.

The most interesting and visually pleasing spaces are those that mix patterns, textures and colours. If your room has a lot of natural light, it’s a good idea to use curtains with different designs on each side of the window so you can enjoy seeing both sides of the curtain at once. By choosing different patterns for your curtains and blinds, you will create more depth in your home decor. For example, try mixing classic stripes with geometric prints or floral prints with animal prints – this way, you can bring out new characteristics while staying within one style.

Another idea is to pair up different textiles like fabrics with leather or linen with cotton cloths – this is a great way to make sure each room is unique while still feeling cohesive as part of an overall look!

Explore all of your options, and don’t settle for dull or ugly blinds.

You can find a lot of inspiration online when it comes to dressing up jumbo windows. We’ve seen many tutorials on how to hang blinds and cover them with material, but sometimes the best ideas are hiding in plain sight.

For example, one hack we came across was using curtains instead of blinds as a way to make your windows look bigger. If you have floor-to-ceiling windows that are used more often than they are closed (i.e., if you have an open concept living area), then this option may work well for you! You can even use a different curtain style depending on the time of day—daytime or evening—to make each room feel unique from the other rooms in your home.

Make your window treatments fit like a glove. Take accurate measurements before you order.

Measure your windows. Use a tape measure to measure the height, width and depth of each window in your room. Make sure to include any moulding or door trim that may affect the measurements.
Order new blinds that are exact fits for your windows. If you’re ordering blinds through Amazon or another online retailer, make sure they offer free returns if you need to return them for any reason (like if they don’t fit).
Once you’ve received your new blinds and installed them on your windows, take some time to make sure everything looks good before hanging up curtains or anything else that will cover up those beautiful new blinds!
You don’t have to settle for boring window coverings or ugly blinds just because your windows are big. You can do so much more with these five hacks! Don’t be afraid to experiment with different textures, patterns and colours. Play up your windows as a focal point. Make sure that you order the correctly sized curtains or blinds by measuring carefully every time. Finally, get inventive if you don’t want blinds at all—there are other solutions out there for expansive windows!