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Motorized Window Blinds Installation Experts

by | May 13, 2024

Toronto’s Expert Window Shade Installers

Motorized window treatments have been the highlight of recent interior design shows and featured on many home renovation television episodes. They add value to a home and are a feature that you can be proudly shown off guests. With a simple click of a remote control you can open and close the shades of an entire room, the elegance of the entire room growing in brightness or diapering into darkness is a sight to see. But as any do-it yourselfer would agree, it is not as easy to install as it is displayed on T.V.

RoseSun Motors has the installation of motorized blinds down to a science. With their products featured in magazines and with a long list of amazing achievements, there is no size of project that they cannot handle. The RoseSun Motor company operates out of Markham and travels around Toronto and the GTA to install their various motorized window treatments. Get in contact with us today to have a specialized technician install your homes motorized shades.

Installation of Electric Window Treatments

RoseSun offers a wide variety of window treatments, with over 25 colors and styles to choose from. We carry all the traditional types of blinds like roller shades, curtains and blackout. We also have a list of highly specialized products including;


Motorized Blinds for Skylights


Automated Shades for Bay Windows


Remote Controlled Blinds for Arch Windows


Motorized Patio Blinds and Shades


Electric Awning Covers

Visit our showroom to see our large display of motorized window blinds and skylights, we will be happy to help you find a solution perfect for your home or office.