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Motorized Shades – Benefits and Common Misconceptions

Motorized Shades – Benefits and Common Misconceptions

Most homeowners agree that window treatments are a necessity for maintaining the aesthetic appeal of their homes, as well as privacy. With motorized shades, you can choose from battery operated or hardwired solutions. Battery powered shades are ideal for homes where cabling might be too labour intensive. If your home is the building stage or your undergoing renovations, it is recommended that you run the wire now. If you are still deciding whether you want motorized windows or not, with pre-wiring, it is much easier to upgrade from your manual to motorized shades.

Top Five Benefits of Motorized Shades

1. Convenience

You probably have to manually raise and lower your shades morning and night on a regular basis. With motorized shades, you no longer have to get up every time you want to adjust your shades.

2. Comfort and Energy Savings

Lowering your shade in the summers prevents the sun from overheating the room and raising them in the winter allows you to capture natural solar heat. In both instances, you reduce the energy load on your HVAC system and you’ll see your energy bills start decreasing exponentially.

3. UV Protection

UV rays don’t just affect skin, but they can also cause significant damage to your furniture. Any artwork you may have up in your home, and your flooring. Motorized shades make it a breeze to protect your possessions.

4. Safety & Security

A trick that homeowners use to protect their homes from invasions while away is making it appear as though it is occupied. With motorized shades, they can preset the times that they raise and lower, or even adjust it from wherever you are to give off the illusion that someone is home. Even when you are at home, with a simple press of a button, privacy becomes easily accomplished.

5. Aesthetically Pleasing

Motorized windows don’t have cords that could ruin the clean aesthetic that you are going for when designing your home. There are a variety of fabrics you can choose from, to meet any style/design needs.

Common Misconceptions of Motorized Shades

Misconception#1: Motorized Shades Have Limited Style

As technology has advanced over the years, so has the range of styles and materials that can be motorized. Motorization is available in a number of window treatments, which include cellular shades, roman shades, and draperies. They are also offered in a wide variety of colours, textures, and many more.

Misconception #2: Motorized Shades Can’t Cover Large Windows

Motorized shades can fit any size windows, whether big or small. A window technician will be able to fit them accordingly. If you are interested in motorized shades, look no further than Rose Sun Window Coverings. Visit our showroom at 121 Luzon Ave, Markham, On L6B 1N8 or contact us for more information.


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