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Motorized Retractable Power Screens

Block the Sun not the view with RoseSun’s Motorized Window Screens

Outdoor PergolaSimilar to sunglasses, these electric powered retractable screens are built from fabric that reduce the suns glare through the window but still allow for a clear view of the outdoors. These screens can be fitted to any style or make of window, and come in a variety of colors. These screens are most often placed inside of the window frame but are versatile enough to be placed outdoors on a pool house or cabana.

What are the Benefits of a Motorized Screen?

There are three major benefits to adding retractable screens to your windows;

  1. Reduces energy spent on heating and cooling
  2. Reflects harmful UV rays from destroying furnishing and floors.
  3. Gives you a clear view out, and visibility looking in is reduced to 5%

The fourth option that should go without mention is that these window screens are electric and can be opened and closed with a press of a button on a remote control or via switch.

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What is the Best Retractable Screen Option for Me?

Color should be a major deciding factor, as lighter shades perform much different than darker colored screens. If your main goal is to block to sun’s glare than a light color will work best, but if your intentions are to have a clear view through the screens, then a dark colored screen will perform best. For those who are looking to lower their energy bill, consider a screen with a thermal backing.

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