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How Motorized Shades Fit in With Current Window Treatment Trends

Windows are often the biggest focal point of a room, and when outfitted in the right window treatments, they can help pull together your most ambitious interior design goals. Staying current with window treatment trends is one of the ways we help customers keep their homes and offices looking sharp and cutting edge. Here are some of the latest design trends and how window treatments can help you accomplish them:

Indoor Outdoor living spaces

This year there’s a big emphasis on “bringing the outside in” and creating spaces that welcome the greenery and freshness of the outdoors. A harmonious transition between outdoor and indoor spaces are made possible with motorized screens. Their ease of use and ability to let in ample light and cool breezes allows you to enjoy the advantages of both indoor and outdoor spaces. Areas such as enclosed patios, decks, or breezeways can be made into more livable areas by providing privacy while ousting insects, strong breezes, and intense sun exposure.

The Adaptable Workplace

Adjustable workspaces are with changeable desk systems and height-flexible workstations are in high demand. These adaptable features allow offices and other work areas to be more accommodating, especially in creative environments or where team member growth is to be expected. An adaptable workspace needs an adaptable solution to window treatments that are both attractive and easy to use. When it comes to adjustable shading options, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better solution than motorized shades.

With the right shades, a room can shift effortlessly from a brightly lit workspace excellent for brainstorming and collaborating, to a dimly lit media room for PowerPoint presentations or better monitor visibility. They’re great for eliminating glares on computer screens, and offering shade in hard to reach areas such as skylights or other high windows. The flick of a switch or press of a button makes electric shades the ultimate adaptable lighting solution for your workspace.

Organic material

The warm and inviting look of organic materials are another popular style, and an excellent way of combining high-tech with a cozy, and natural atmosphere. You can get in on this trend by layering fabrics like cotton, silk, or linen for curtains or drapes, or choosing wooden window treatments such as roman shades. Window treatments that feature textural contrasts of woven materials and natural fibers also help achieve this style.  Look into our customizable fabric and casing options for a better idea of how materials such as bamboo, linen, cotton, can be incorporated into your window treatments.


The green movement has started to expand to nearly every area of the home, and windows continue to play a big role in energy efficiency. You can take insulation a step further by adding the right kind of blinds. An environmentally friendly way of staying current with your windows can be accomplished through cellular (also known as “honeycomb”) shades. There’s a concern that Eco-friendly options might imply lack of style, but the ingenuity of honeycomb shade design gives them a neat, neutral appearance that works well in a variety of interiors. Whether you’re working with linear or arched frames, small or large picturesque windows, honeycomb shades offer privacy while letting in light, and offer an effective thermal barrier.

Seamless and Modern

For the sake of getting the most out of your space, a minimalist approach and multi-use furniture has been expanding. Though not an entirely new concept, there’s a lot more innovation behind making the home more adaptable, relaxing, and seamless. Electric curtains and other motorized shades fit perfectly into making a home look modern and functional. The ability to add a switch, set a timer, or use a remote control make the addition of these window treatments even more flexible and convenient. Our blinds and drapes run on a sleek, near-silent motor that gives them an elegant presence that is sure to impress. If you’re unsure what kind of style options can be motorized, we’ll be happy to provide you with a complete list.

As technology and trends in window treatments continue to evolve, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve. Keeping up with the latest technology also allows us to provide the best service possible. Those looking for something that will fit into the current theme of your home, or are in the market for new inspiration will find an overwhelming amount of options at Rose Sun Motors. Contact us and we’ll help turn your windows into a show stopper.