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  • 11 Stylish Window Treatment Ideas To Try

    A bare window is a missed opportunity for adding style or even completely changing the whole appearance of a room. If you have some windows that need dressing, but you’re in need of inspiration, then here are 11 stylish window treatment ideas that will make a big impression in your home. Not only will they […]

  • The Many Advantages of Natural Lighting

    Ever notice how hard it is to get out of bed on dark, overcast days compared to the energy you feel when awoken with sunlight? That’s one of the many benefits of natural lighting. If you’re not already taking advantage of this free energy source, then you might not be aware the effect it can […]

  • Best Shade Solutions for Homes with Pets

    When it comes to pets and window treatments, there tends to be a huge conflict of interests. Those with pets know the horrors of curtains being used as scratching posts, or trampled and yanked down by overzealous dogs running to look out the window. What’s a doting pet owner to do? Thankfully, motorized window treatments […]

  • Preparing Your Windows for the Colder Months

    Though everyone loves a big picturesque window and the natural light they bring to interiors, come fall and winter we’re reminded of how much heat we lose through them.  Here in Toronto, cold, snowy winters are just a part of life, but you can take the edge off and keep your heat bills down by […]