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  • Tips for Choosing the Best Window Treatments for Your Office

    Decorating and furnishing an office involves a few different considerations than decorating a home. For starters, it’s a space where people come to work, so the right kind of lighting is important. Secondly, your interior design is highly attached to your identity as a company, and makes an impression on all who enter. In short, […]

  • Top Window Treatment Decorating Trends

    Nothing quite completes, or says “well-designed room” as window treatments. If you haven’t experimented with the effects of different drapes or shades, or haven’t moved on from flimsy blinds – you’re missing out! If you want to shed some new light on your space, then consider some of these window treatment decorating trends: Multi-layered window […]

  • How Your Business Can Benefit from Electric Blinds

    If you haven’t considered motorized blinds for your organization, it’s time to start. The ease, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal of electric blinds make them ideal for many kinds of institutions. Our products are often used for restaurants, retailers, hospitals, hotels, and other commercial buildings. Here are just a few benefits that electric blinds can bring […]

  • Why Customized Window Coverings Are the Way to Go

    A common thought whenever someone thinks about blinds, are the cheap, drab, rental property or lease variety. Those stereotypical white blinds found in big box stores are the bane of anyone concerned with interior design, and probably the first thing to be replaced after a lease is signed. However, blinds don’t have have that boring [...]

  • Motorized Window Treatments – Are They Worth it?

    Motorized window treatments – are they worth it? It’s a common question amongst shoppers before taking the plunge. If you’re looking for answers, try asking yourself some questions to gauge whether they will be worth it to you, your home, and your lifestyle. Chances are, there may be a couple of factors you haven’t considered […]

  • Keep Your Home Cool with Window Treatments

    As the temperature rises outside, you’re probably wondering how you can lower the temperature in your house without breaking the bank. While air conditioners are the most effective for temperature control, they are costly to keep running all day. It’s also reassuring to know that passive temperature controls are much better for the environment than […]

  • Tips for Choosing The Right Window Treatment

    There’s a lot to consider when choosing the right window treatments, like style, material, and whether or not to have them custom made. Motorized window treatments have numerous options that can seem overwhelming, including sleek roller shades, curtains, cellular shades, sheers, and more. Here, we’re making it easier to narrow down the options. If you’re […]

  • How to Speak the Lingo of Window Treatments

    Shopping for new window treatments can introduce many terms you’ve never heard before, which can leave you with more questions than you started with. To make your search for the right window treatments an easier experience, here’s some common terms you’ll want to know ahead of time. Valance – Valances run across the top portion […]

  • Everything You Need to Know about Roman Shades

    If you’re looking for a stylish, versatile window treatment that will stand the test of time, then Roman shades are one option you should explore. Since these shades can be made out different materials and almost any fabric, from wood to even sheers – you can find one to suit nearly every style and home. […]

  • How to Measure Windows for a New Shades

    So, you’re thinking about getting new window treatments and you want a better idea of what you’ll need. Measuring a window accurately before purchasing a new blind or shade is essential to ensuring your investment will fit and function correctly. Though you’ll want a professional to come in and take measurements prior to installation or […]